Why you Should Learn Node.JS In 2024?


The future of the world is shifting towards rapidly skyrocketing technologies. Technologies like Voice Assistants, Crispr, Robotics, Vehicles Without Drivers, Quantum Computing, Machine Intelligence, and many more are ruling over the economies of the globe.

Many countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Brazil, and others make extensive benefaction to the world’s software development ecosystem. But computing works with different programming languages and it is very important to choose the best language to pace up the economic digitalization of the country.

Python and JavaScript are the two major rapidly rising programming languages among other languages in terms of operative developers. They are more demanding and commonly used among web developers, systematic operators, scientific modelers, etc, due to its flexibility.

It gives access to the developers in terms of relative searches. These coding languages smoothly work with the help of several tools. The most famous and hugely used tool of JavaScript is Node.JS that makes the work a lot easier and smarter.

What is Node.JS?


Node.JS is the most important tool for JavaScript. It includes all necessities which you need to carry out while programming in JavaScript. Now JavaScript can do much more rather than only making websites appealing.

With the use of the tool Node.JS, it helps in creating complex and powerful applications without using confusing codes. But both the programming language and its tool run on the V8 JavaScript runtime engine to convert normal coding into faster machine code like Google’s popular browser Gmail etc.

Benefits of using Node.JS


Node.JS uses a non-blocking I/O module that makes it lighter and systematic. Also, it handles the data between client and server and suspends threads until processed.  It is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries all over the world. Let’s know some of its benefits below

  1. It allows you to write JavaScript on client and server both

Node.JS has changed the status of javascript as a programming language particularly written on the client, backed by the likes of PHP and Java to the language that you can use over any application.

Javascript becomes more reliable with the addition of this tool and makes it easier for the team to work without fuss or avoid reckless working. If different languages are used in backend and frontend, it can be a major source of abrasion. Node.JS can be great tooling to enhance full-stack development and it extends the working power of JavaScript.

  1. It helps to create complicated and powered applications without writing complicated codes

Node.js gives great performances because of two major factors – it is asynchronous- based architecture, and on the fact that it uses the V8 JavaScript engine. As you have already read V8 is one of the speedy executions of JavaScript used to power up many of Google’s browser products (like Gmail).

It allows the usage of non-blocking I/O in threads which can manage several requests. It effectively works as the promise of reserved means to carry out later without clutching up other threads.

With the above perception, Node.JS can help you create complicated applications without the addon of confusing codes.

  1. Node.JS is the perfect fit to create microservices


Microservices are gaining popularity each day. It is a well-designed software styling that divides the whole system into tiny, liberated, and serviceable units. Each one of them is fully capable of performing and leveling up individually.

Organizations like Uber, Netflix, Amazon, eBay, etc use this concept worldwide. It improvises execution and can see palpable benefits. Node.JS helps the modern organization to reach the goal of swiftness, reliability, expandability, and high performance. Using microservices brings more utility to the organization but requires well balanced and safe technology like Node.JS to create applications without hindrance.

  1. Node.JS can be used for several other things rather than just web advancement

Node.JS is not just limited to one thing. It is flexible and can be used for an extensive range of works. It is a useful tool for those working for the infrastructure of the web.

Moreover, it is also a great helping tool for creating other designed tools. Development team finds great help to manage the entire furbished software infrastructure. Thus, it could be a boost for you to get and create your own helping tool.

Advantages of using Node.JS

  • Easy to learn: It is easy to learn as the programming language tool consumes less time to work with it.
  • Offers high-end accomplishment: It easily changes Javascript code into the machine code making it reliable to execute code in an effective way.
  • Acts as a support system for active developers: Many developers are supported by Javascript programs providing already made solutions and codes in GitHub.
  • Handles requests regularly: It handles requests in a well-organized way better than python. Requests are systematically lined up and are executed faster.
  • Uses simple and one programming language: Developers have the advantage of writing server-side apps without using any other.
  • Extensibility is high in Node.JS: You can extend or model Node.JS according to your requirement. It has the facility of inner build servers.

Drawbacks of using Node.JS

  • Non- stability in Application Programming Intervals: Sometimes new API has the number of ill-matched changes that put pressure on developers to make changes in order to match compatibility.
  • The library support system is not strong enough: It does not have a well-built library system compared to other programming languages. As a result, developers are forced to take help from a common library.
  • Absence of synchronism of programming modules: Its drawbacks are that the coding tends to become fussy and programming has to depend on the nested function call.

Career Opportunities

Front-end developers, server management, and back-end development, all these criteria have a high demand for qualified and well-skilled staff. It is a free and open way that is available for several platforms like windows etc.

Students who have a software engineering degree are more preferred in this type of technological program. Freshers tend to start with HTML or other and pace up within two years of working.

You can learn more about getting Node.JS training on sites like knowledgehut.com.


Importance of Node.JS

It is important to use Node.JS in JavaScripts to boost up the working of web server apps by carrying out javascript code in a speedy and reliable way. V8 engine easily converts the JavaSCript code into machine code. It helps the developers to create web applications in a responsive way.


Node.JS is not used for programming rather it is an add-on tool of JavaScript which helps in the extension of programming and not fix any issues regarding technologies. Thus, it’s important to gain some knowledge about Node.js before using it professionally. If you are still not convinced, try learning and exploring more about this tool in order to avoid any further confusion.