Top 5 Cyber Threats In 2024

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Cyber threats are growing more severe as we as a society grow more dependent on cyber systems in our daily lives. So many critical systems today are controlled by computers that can fall victim to hackers and used against us. It is no wonder that many leading experts cite cyber attacks as the greatest threat economy will face in the future.

Ransomware remains the greatest cyber threat in 2024. It is potentially the most devastating attack hackers can launch. You can read here and find how to decrypt ransomware. Contrary to popular opinion, not only individuals are at risk. Large networks, even critical infrastructural system can and have been taken hostage by the ransomware. SamSam ransomware has been used on an attack on the City of Atlanta. Hackers threatened to halt all city services, causing untold millions in damage, unless the city paid them off.


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Cryptojacking is installing malware that allows hackers to use your computer for mining cryptocurrencies. The most devious part of criptojacking is that the victim usually isn’t even aware that somebody else is using their computer for profit, at least until the electricity bills come or their GPU or CPU burns out. Earlier versions of criptojacking software were designed for taking over individual computers, while the latest ones allow hackers to use entire networks.

Shadow IT

Shadow It refers to a practice in large companies where employees use unauthorized software on company computers. Since this software can bypass the company’s network, the IT department is unaware of it, which leaves them open for a wide variety of attacks. A recent study revealed that about 80% of all employees use shadow IT. Even though a vast, majority use it for work-related purposes, that doesn’t mitigate the risks involved with the practice.

Phishing Schemes

Social engineering is an essential part of all successful hacking attempts and phishing is a big part of it. Originally started as emails, phishing has evolved and is now used with texts, phone calls, and even social media. Just how damaging phishing can be is proved by Business Email Compromise (BEC), which caused some $12 billion worldwide.

IoT botnet DDoS attacks

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of smart devices that can communicate with each other, like cars or house appliances. The security in these devices usually is not on par, so they are vulnerable to malicious attacks. Once taken over, they can be used for massive botnet DDoS attacks that can cripple the entire network.