Leonardo DiCaprio talks With Elon Musk in a new documentary called “Before the Flood”


Leonardo DiCaprio appears in a new documentary titled “Before the Flood” in which he talks with some of the people who have plans about environmental issues. He also meets with the Tesla CEO Elon Musk, as he gives him a tour around Gigafactory.

During their talk, Musk offers a solution regarding a switch from fossil fuels to sustainable energy resources. He explains that multinational companies and large carmakers are supposed to build factories like Tesla’s factory, outside Sparks, Nevada. He stated that at least 100 gigafactories are needed for the entire world to start using sustainable energy.

The Gigafactory will start with the cell production later in 2016 as it was reported recently. The Gigafactory will support the production of Tesla Model 3 sedan next year. Once the factory is completed it will be huge. According to Musk, it will have the largest footprint in the world. For the record, the company’s base trim sedan was photographed in this Gigafactory earlier this year.

The documentary “Before the Flood” is aired on the National Geographic Channel on October 30. Meanwhile, you can check the insert where Musk and DiCaprio talk about gigafactories here.