Pokemon Go’s Popularity Sky-Rocketed


The Pokemon Go has made $600 million from users all around the world in just three months. The game was downloaded more than 500 million times about one month ago, as the US startup, Niantic claimed. The game appeared in July for the first time and immediately became popular.

You can download Pokemon Go for free, but some players want to advance faster than the others so they buy virtual items. In comparison to the game called Candy Crush Saga, Pokemon Go overcame the $600 million milestone almost three times quicker. According to the App Annie, this game also reached this mark more than five times faster than Puzzle & Dragons, which proves the popularity of this game.


The research firm MMD Labo located in Tokyo conducted a survey regarding this game. The survey proved that six out of 10 people, who downloaded the game and played it actively, were still using the app three weeks after the game was released in Japan.

Nintendo’s branch in Tokyo called Pokemon Co. was also into the game development. The overall profit for the company in a period between July and September reached $95.4 million. The licensing fees paid to Pokemon Co. will be reflected in the company’s income. The shares Nintendo holds in Pokemon Co. will be taken into consideration.