How to make your Leveling Process in Wow More Fun

Dungeons are the fastest way to level up in World of Warcraft. The evidence is overwhelming. We can’t prove it, but if you ever need proof, look at the Leveling ‘Easiest’ Classes List. Most of them are soloing in dungeons with ease in their 20’s and 30’s. Every time we come across a group that insists leveling in places like Hellfire Peninsula or Arathi Highlands is faster than doing it in dungeons, we never hear from them again. They either get discouraged when they run into their first elite mob or they are too busy on the phone long distance to have any friends left who play World of Warcraft. They don’t delete their account either, but they just keep playing with much lower-level characters because the game isn’t fun for them anymore.

“Dungeons are boring and easy! I’m sick of running through Hellfire Ramparts over and over again. Let’s take on the Scarlet Monastery!”

Dungeons are not boring if you do it properly! Doing dungeons wrong can be very frustrating. It is very easy to take on the Scarlet Monastery with a death wish or without doing any research for your class or spec if you haven’t played your character before at Level 30+. We have been there many times before at low levels and had so many bad experiences, we swore never to go back… until recently.

“I’m sick of the same boring quests! I find dungeons to be really fun!”

Dungeons are not all about quests. There is loot, achievements, gaining levels and most importantly, improving your skills as a player. Did you know that leveling in dungeons is much faster than leveling hunting boars (for example)? Or that you can’t get any rare spawns like Zhevra or Tallstrider outside of dungeons? You should start doing more dungeons if these reasons are not enough for you to want to go back. If you want to skip all that you can try boosting on which you you can learn

“My friend told me the best way to level up fast is by grinding on mobs outside.”

Your friends don’t always have your best interests at heart. It seems easier since you don’t have to run anywhere, so they think it is faster. Plus you can always join a pick up group and get carried right away if you don’t feel like doing the quests in the dungeon. But there are some major drawbacks: It takes longer than doing dungeons and it’s really boring once you’ve done enough of them!

“I’m tired of looking at all these elite mobs that give me such a hard time.”

You won’t have to look at elite mobs ever again after Level 30 – except when your friends tell you how easy leveling was for them in Outland or Northrend. Elite mobs mean more experience per kill which equals faster leveling. After level 30, most enemies will be grayish with only a few gold mobs scattered around. Elite mobs are the only way to level past 30, but they are rare. You have to look very hard for them or just do dungeons since they respawn every hour after you kill them!

“My friends told me I was wasting my time doing dungeons.”

There is nothing wrong with socializing with your friends on ventrilo or whatever voice communication tool you use! It’s normal if people meet up online and want to do an instance together. But leveling in places like Hellfire Peninsula can be boring compared to what you get used to at Level 20+. The quests often conflict with each other making it impossible for some classes to complete more than one quest at a time – unless of course, they are willing grind on monsters which takes hours and hours. The experience you get from doing quests in Hellfire Peninsula is terrible compared to the epic feeling you get when your group manages to beat an instance such as Blackrock Depths or Stratholme.

“I’m not having fun playing my main class anymore!”

This is really sad to hear. It’s always better to have a character that you enjoy playing rather than the highest level character in the guild. But what I often find is that people are shy in joining groups when their friends invite them because they don’t want to tell them they can’t keep up or that they might die if anyone pulls more than two mobs (at least at low levels). They end up playing alone hoping things will get better like when you finally got your epic flying mount, but it never does – except if everyone starts doing dungeons together!

“I don’t want to spend money on repairs!”

Dungeons are the cheapest way to fill your pockets. Most of the equipment you get is worth more than what it costs to repair it back! You can either salvage all that gear for components or just vendor it. When you hit level 20, my bag was full of greens which got me quite a bit of gold after selling them at the auction house. There’s so much loot in dungeons that you have no reason not to go back weekly and do at least one instance! Just pick up everything you see – even if you don’t need them right now, they might come in handy later.

As we said earlier, leveling doesn’t have to always be boring and time consuming as it may seem at first. You might not know, but Blizzard has made it much easier for everyone to level up by creating the Dungeon Finder Tool which you can access through the button on your minimap.

It will randomly match you up with other players based on your character’s level and difficulty setting (Normal or Heroic). Just select a few dungeons within 5 levels of your current level and press “join”. It will automatically teleport you to the dungeon closest to where your group is standing! Even if you are in another zone, it will be easy to get there since all low-level dungeons are connected with each other. Don’t worry about gear requirements either.