6 Tips and Tricks for Leveling Up Faster in Destiny 2 – 2024 Beginners Guide


Destiny 2 is an extremely popular game that has managed to overshadow its predecessor in terms of quality and player base. The consistent updates also keep content fresh, never allowing the state of the game to go stale. While there are multiple modes you can engage in and a lot of content to chew on right now, your key worry when starting will be leveling up. However, it can be rather bothersome to level up if you have no idea where to get a good amount of experience points.

This can turn the game into a grind where we are losing out on more engaging parts due to spending too much of our gaming time gaining meager experience. This is why we’ve assembled some quick and easy tips that will direct you towards the best sources of experience without interfering with your game style much.

1. Do bounties


We are going to start with some of the most fruitful sources of experience in the game, bounties. To get bounties, visit Xander 99-40 in the Tower. He will offer you six Crucible and six Vanguard bounties each day, allowing for some neat rewards. Alternatively, you can fetch some bounties from the bounty board. While this is usually faster, Xander 99-40 visit may be more fruitful on occasion as he does act as a vendor too.

Bounties give you an enormous amount of experience. Sometimes you can earn as much as 5000XP from a single bounty. The bounties do depend on your Guardian, usually differing somewhat, but they usually have a decent amount of rewards.

The added convenience of bounties is the fact that they are so easy to do. Usually, you will fill them out while riding around the map looking for bigger quests to do. There are also cases where they overlap with your current objective, making them exceptionally fast.

2. Consider boosting services


If you want to make it all quick and easy, getting into the more engaging part of the game as quickly as possible, you should consider Destiny 2 boosting services. These sites will provide you with all the required boosts you could need for a small fee. If you are feeling stuck on a specific part and don’t feel like untangling your current situation to get past the current cap you are chasing, these services could come in handy. There are also some demanding challenges you may not have the skills or patience to achieve, making boosting services a great choice.

3. Commit to daily and weekly challenges


The challenges in Destiny 2 can be put into categories of daily and weekly if we are looking for the simplest classification. These are self-explanatory in duration but their completion can include a variety of things.

Daily challenges are often the easiest to do and also flow into the gameplay well. You can easily check active challenges by pulling out your Ghost and checking the right side. Not only do challenges boost your character, but they also give tokens depending on the challenge. Finishing individual challenges rewards you with one or two tokens while completing a specific set of three will get you 10 tokens of the specified kind.

Weekly ones are usually trickier to pull off but are also more unique. Each season has a weekly challenge list that will mix up the demands and rewards.

4. Equip gear during campaigns


Destiny 2 has a lot of restrictions that are tied to your gear level. These can be specific unlocks, quest requirements, or new locations. They all require you to have shiny new gear on and even if some don’t, you are probably better off gearing up. Otherwise, the trip could be cut short due to the extreme difficulty spike you’ll be experiencing. The issues this poses even on the shortest of trips can be obnoxious so it’s better to simply avoid it.

Gear has a lot of stats associated with it. While one piece could be overall stronger, it may not have as many important stats as you would want it to. However, for reaching a cap any piece of higher-ranked equipment will do.

Getting new gear can also be quickly achieved by finishing the first story mission on a newly unlocked planet. This way, you’ll obtain access to the shop where you can get some exceptional gear to use on new planets you visit. The gear will usually last you a bit before being outdated so it’s good to fetch it as soon as possible.

Once you are fully armed and dangerous, it’s time to get some use out of that gear. Find locations or events that are within the given gear level and pump up your experience quickly. The newly opened options should provide you with more unique ways to level up as well, making the process a lot more expedient.

5. Switch planets that are below your level


As you proceed through the campaign and the overall progression path of Destiny 2, you’ll unlock new planets to play on. These planets will differ in their challenge levels and available quests so it’s usually best to switch to a new planet as fast as you can.

Check your current gear against the required cap, if you are near it go in and get questing. Touching down on a new planet will flood you with things to do and considering how dense your quest journal can get it’s safe to assume anything you do on these new planets will yield some progression towards quest completion. Once you wipe enough quests to unlock more places to visit it’s time to repeat the process. This should get you geared and leveled up exceptionally fast.

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6. Public events

During your stay on certain planets, you should consider entering public events. These will award you with an extreme amount of EXP and can be a great way to skip a chunk of less engaging side quests on those planets. You can boost the EXP gain even further by playing Heroic public challenges. As you may assume, these are a lot harder to accomplish but believe us, it will pay handsomely for the challenge. When you spot a public event rush to get into it, if you play with a party these events are made even easier due to the fact you’ll always have some reliable allies on your side.