Lexus NX: Clash of 2017 and 2018

Shangai Auto Show was the event where we saw the 2018 Lexus NX. Some argue that not much has changed however the company still states that there are some important upgrades. It may be so, but it is hard to see where exactly those are.

Let’s look closer and see where these ‘updates’ are by comparing the 2018 model with the original 2015-2017 Lexus NX.

Design-wise there were almost no changes, this small crossover remained basically the same. By that we mean that it features many pointy creases across the body, headlights split into two sections and as the trademark, we have a huge front grille.

When it comes to front fascia it went under the knife a little bit, the most prominent difference is on the upper portion of the spindle grille which is now thinner and in a change of the shape of the lower front bumper where you have fog lamps that are now separated from the ducts. New headlights are also changed, and they feature triple projectors which are kind of like those on the LC coupe.

The back end of the car has newly designed lower part of the bumper (it features same elements as the front one), and tail lights have been enlarged and got a new darkish color which makes the back end look broader.

Cabin-wise we have the huge update of the infotainment system. The company went for the 10.3-inch screen here plus new HVAC controls which have been simplified with four toggle switches. Cleaner design is something characteristic for the updated analog clock, and there is also the new self-adjusting satellite control which will adjust time as you go from one time zone to another.

Looking at the remote touch interface, we noticed that it was enlarged and therefore it is now easier to operate, on top of that, its wireless charger tray now fits larger smartphones better. All of the controls are in a metallic satin design which makes the cabin look more elegant and premium.

However, the biggest update when it comes to elegance and premium feel is in the new needlework of the leather surfaces. It is called ‘Takumi Craftsmanship,’ and according to Lexus now all the stitching is perfectly straight because of the hand-operated tool used to intricate the pattern which has special needles that have no problem with overheating or thread breaking.

Under the hood won’t be major updates. The 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol inline-four and the electricity helped 2.5-liter petrol powertrain still remains and will be featured in the 2018 Lexus NX. However, the gasoline version will only adopt a new name as ‘NX 300’ (the old one was NX 200).

To make your experience feel sportier, the company also added a fake engine sound system. Besides that, Lexus also introduced one big change in the NX’s chassis, and that is the addition of the new optional adaptive suspension which comes together with the reworked insulation to improve NVH levels.

In the end, the new 2018 Lexus NX still is one of the most prominent crossovers of its class, and the company made sure that it stays that way by not introducing groundbreaking changes. With only a set of special updates like the ones on chassis and cabin, this new vehicle will present a fierce competitor in its league.