Possible Contenders For WWE Universal Title This Summer


Wrestlemania 33 was the place where Brock Lesnar got back to the top of the ladder on Monday Night Raw. He won the Universal Title, making him the guy to beat on the red brand. There are a lot of big names on Raw, ready to challenge the Beast Incarnate, but who are the guys that are actually going to get a shot at the belt?

The first name that comes to mind is Braun Strowman. WWE has been building him up nicely, and the expectation is that he is going to be the first challenger, likely in June. He should beat Roman in some kind of gimmick match where Reigns doesn’t have to get pinned, and he is going to earn the spot in the title picture.

The next man that is rumored to challenge Lesnar is Seth Rollins. Even though this is not a smart move, the reports are saying that Rollins is going to defeat Samoa Joe so that he can continue with the momentum that he now has after beating Triple H at the grandest stage of them all.


Another heavily rumored name is Jeff Hardy as Vince loves what he saw on Monday night from The Charismatic Enigma. There is no doubt that the fans still love Jeff as he has always been one of the fan favorites. McMahon is high on Jeff, and it is expected that this guy is going to get a big push later this year when Hardys split up and Matt becomes broken again.