Most Likely Upset Of NFL Divisional Round

We have four duels this week, and in only one we can say that there is a team that is most likely going to win the game. New England Patriots are huge favorites against the Houston Texans. Not many people believe in an upset here. We don’t either as we think that Patriots will have a good time on Saturday night.

The rest of the matches are tough to pick which is logical in this part of the season. Atlanta is favored at home against the Seahawks, Dallas has the advantage over the Packers according to oddsmakers, and the Chiefs have the nod against the Steelers. All of these duels can go either way. Even though these squads are favored, we wouldn’t be surprised if the “underdog” pulls off an upset.

Steelers do have a shot at Arrowhead because of their big three, but we believe that Chiefs are a better all-around team. Packers’ offense is on fire but likely without Jordy Nelson so we are not going to pick them as the most likely upset.

We think that Seattle Seahawks are the most likely squad to beat their favored rival. Matt Ryan has struggled in the postseason so far in his career and 1-4 is not a good Playoff record for a quarterback. We have yet to see him perform in the Playoffs the way he does in the regular season. Seattle’s defense is still pretty tough one to play against. They are an experienced bunch that has already made it twice to the Super Bowl. This is the most likely match in which we could see the upset against their favored rival during this year’s Divisional Round this weekend.