Quick Pick – NFL Divisional Round


Four quality games in two days. That’s what the fans are expecting from this Divisional Round. We need to be honest and say that Wild Card Weekend duels were kind of disappointing. Even though the Packers blew out the Giants in the second half, it was still an exciting game. The rest of them? Not so much.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Atlanta Falcons – Very tough game to pick. The Seattle Seahawks are the most likely team to upset the rival during this weekend, and we think that is going to happen on Saturday.

It’s going to be a high-scoring duel, and we think that Seattle’s offense is capable of outscoring Atlanta with the help of their defense. Seahawks will win this game 31:28.


Houston Texans vs. New England PatriotsTom Brady and his Patriots are the big favorites coming into this match. Anything but the Patriots commanding victory this Saturday would be a big surprise.

Texans defense is good but won’t stop the Patriots. New England will win this game 35:13.


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs – Another really tough game to pick. Steelers big three gives them a chance on any given night. If they had all three healthy at the same time against the Broncos last year, they could have beaten them.

Still, the Chiefs are a better all-around squad, on both sides of the ball and we think they will show that this Sunday as they will beat the Steelers 28:24.


Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys – We have another upset alert here. Dallas offense has been great because they were able to run the football with efficiency.

Still, we think the Packers are going to show up this Sunday and slow down the run, while Aaron Rodgers will finally expose this below average defense. Packers win 30:26.