‘Limitless’ Season 2 Updates: Will Amazon Take Over the Series?


Amazon has allegedly taken over Season 2 of the CBS’s ex-series Limitless. Nonetheless, they are still not sure will it go through, since they are still doubtful about the show’s topic. Will Limitless sequel still happen?

Stories about the show’s cancellation had already been affirmed on several occasions, implying that the Season 2 might not take place. The producers Bradley Cooper and Craig Sweeny apparently had been trying to lobby the show to all kinds of different networks, such as The CW, Netflix, NBC and a lot of other companies.

Nevertheless, not long ago, it has been reported that bit by bit the negotiations with Amazon and FX have been progressing. Of the two networks, it seems that Amazon is more likely to take up the series and carry on with broadcasting Season 2 Limitless.


Despite the fact that the fans adore the show, the critics and reviewers have some mixed feelings about Limitless. They thought that the storyline was hard to grasp and the scenario difficult to follow. Some of the reviews also reported that not even the charming lead actor could save the series from its complicated tale. The fans’ request is that it should be delivered differently for Season 2.

Regardless of that, Netflix still took the show’s Season 1. But after CBS canceled the series, Netflix also refused to continue with it. The misfortune of Limitless Season 2 can be assigned to its complex storyline.

But now, the key to the broadcasting of the sequel has become precisely Amazon, although they still have to make a final decision about this subject owing to the theme of the series.


Limitless is about Brian Finch, a man who finds the power of a peculiar medicine NZT-48. He learns that this allows you to use your brain to its full potential and boost your mental abilities. This plot is exactly what’s making the networks hesitate about the series. Can fans look forward to Season 2?

As claimed by FX, the network, in fact, wants to continue broadcasting, but they are hesitant due to the risky element related to the topic. The audience could wrongly assume that the network is favoring and promoting using any illegal substance. The fate of Limitless is yet to be determined, the same goes for Season 2.