2019 Tesla Roadster concept art


It is now without any doubt that the Tesla Roadster will receive its update in the next few years and if it is to judge by the one we have now, the updated version is going to be the must-have for many. At this moment we still do not know the exact look and the shape of the updated Roadster, but we stumbled upon an uploaded concept render from a designer that was posted on Saturday. It gives us the general idea of how the Musk’s future supercar might look like.

According to what Inverse wrote and Jan Peisert, a web designer based in Düsseldorf in Germany, told: “Musk is a visionary person, way ahead of the industry, and it fascinates me a lot to see what’s next on his agenda.” Peisert, if you didn’t know, makes car concepts for his YouTube channel and he mainly bases them around what he reads. The latest info that hit everyone, including Peisert, was Musk’s tweet from last month that stated that the Roadster will be the company’s fastest vehicle so far. So far the speed record over at Tesla is held by Model S P100D which achieved 0-60 MPH at an incredible 2.28 seconds while it ran in Ludicrous Plus mode.

If you recall the first Roadster that Tesla released in 2008 was also their first commercially available vehicle. Back then that was a sight and a half but thanks to company’s advance and their new cars like the Model S and Model X, the Roadster became outdated and ancient. Among many other things this EV is lacking the semi-autonomous Autopilot system and this gap will be getting even bigger as soon Tesla rolls out their fully autonomous driving on its more recent models. But there is a fine line here that comes in the form of Musk’s statement that a next-generation Roadster would debut in 2019, probably far more advanced and tech packed than anyone can actually imagine.

Thanks to this statement Peisert started thinking about the 2019 Tesla Roadster, and after putting his mind at work, this magnificent thing was created. Peisert’s future based vehicle features a clean design with almost no air intakes, suicide butterfly doors that pivot upward on their rear attachment, and some cues taken from the upcoming entry-level Model 3. Peisert stated that “Once I gathered all information I can find, I’m looking for a good base model, with dimensions and proportions that would fit the image in my head,” and added, “In this case, I was quite happy with the Toyota FT-1 concept”.

According to Peisert, this project took around four hours from start to finish, and he said that there was a lot of improvisations included here but he tried to keep everything technically feasible. He also says that he knows that his creation is a bit extravagant and that it is a little impractical especially if Musk is aiming for high performance, but nevertheless “I would love to see the doors in production, but I guess this is a step too far.”

You can see Peisert making magic in the video below, and most importantly enjoy, we know we did.