Two New Women Now On Monday Night Raw

This Superstar shakeup is also affecting the two women’s divisions on Monday Night Raw. There were rumors about who is going to show up on the red brand and there are rumors about who is going to go to Smackdown Live. As far as night one of the shakeup goes the reports and speculations we previously received ended up to be true. But, we got one more woman than we expected.

There were a lot of stories about Alexa Bliss coming to Monday nights. She has done a lot on the Smackdown Live, has won the title two times and all that while feuding with many girls. There was little left for her to do on the blue brand so her moving to Raw is a good thing for both Alexa and the company. If she had stayed on her former show, she would have gotten lost in the shuffle and meaningless feuds and matches. Now, she is going to have a fresh start and a chance to keep impressing everybody with her character and work on the mic.

But, the other girl that made her Raw debut was Mickie James. Everybody thought that the only superstar in that division that is going to make a move was Alexa. That wasn’t the case as 6-time Women’s Champion made her way down the ramp, talking to Alexa as she was stunned that her former friend is on the same show, yet again. Right now, it seems that Alexa Bliss and Mickie James are going to continue feuding, but this time, it is going to be on the prime time events.