6 Liposuction Recovery Tips to try after your Procedure


We all know about liposuction and its fantastic results. However, in order to be completely satisfied with this treatment, you need to recover properly after it. You must be fully informed of everything that awaits you after the procedure, but you are also working on your recovery. How to do it? Although many people are interested in liposuction, many of them do not follow postoperative recommendations. There is also confusion about behavior during recovery.

In addition to a few simple rules that you must adopt, you can also learn some additional tips that will lead you to outstanding results. Remember that recovery is a period in which your body gets rid of bruises, swelling and gets the final shape. You need to help him recover as well as possible, and the end result depends on a number of factors. To point out potential mistakes and good practices, read some of our tips below.

1. Rest


It is very important to plan your vacation time in advance. Don’t let some obligations surprise you just because you aren’t well organized. This mostly refers to a job that is a great obligation to all people. However, there is a vacation time to which you are entitled, and until then, try to do all your business tasks. Regardless of the fact that this process is short and you leave the clinic the next day, you need at least a few days for physical recovery. We would recommend going back to work only after that, but consider a few things. First of all, consult an expert on how many days you need for a vacation.

Do not forget about the region where the procedure is performed. Depending on its size, the recovery can be longer or shorter. When it comes to your home, it must be completely ready for your arrival from the clinic. This means that you must have all the conditions for rest and proper care.

2. Proper nutrition and hydration


There is another plan that you need to make in advance and it refers to proper nutrition. Hydration is an integral part of that, because fluid is one of the key factors that affect healing. So, proper food, vitamins and nutrients along with fluids encourage the skin to heal faster. What you need are anti-inflammatory foods. For example, it can be dark chocolate, salmon and other fish, cruciferous veggies, berries, etc. This way, you will be filled with good energy and your body will work better with the nutrients you provide. All this is necessary for him to start a stronger recovery and remove obstacles to recovery.

We must not forget about food preparation. It is best to prepare all the food just before you go for liposuction, because that way you will not endanger the rest period and you will eat properly. Also, avoid too salty and spicy foods, and experts recommend that you stick to this for at least the first week. Keep in mind that salt retains fluid in the body, which slows down the healing process.

3. Compression underwear

Postoperative care also includes wearing this underwear or compressor clothes. In this way, the patient evenly presses certain parts of the body with special clothes. Compressor laundry prevents fluid retention in the subcutaneous area, but also helps remove swelling and promotes rapid healing. Although bandages are worn for a shorter time, this underwear needs to be worn for a little longer. When we mention clothes, we must mention that it is recommended to wear light and cotton clothes.

4. Active rest


Although physical activity is not recommended in the first days after the operation, it does not mean that you should not move. In fact, it is advisable not to be immobile, because that can only bring you bad results. The sooner you start moving, the better you will influence the healing process. When it comes to strenuous physical exertion, you can return to such activities only in 8 weeks. Strong exercises that include lifting weights and the like must wait for your complete recovery. Otherwise, you may cause bleeding of the area that was subjected to the process. So, walk around your house and make light moves and don’t do anything energetic. This will eliminate the possibility of blood clots forming, because immobility after liposuction can lead to just that. You can click here and find out even more about liposuction. That will help you better understand importance of active rest after procedure.

5. Avoid baths


It is very important to avoid bathing in the bathtub, and even taking a shower depends on whether you have a waterproof bandage or not. While some experts will insist on it, others will opt for the traditional option. No matter what bandage you wear, you must not immerse yourself in water. This rule should be followed a few weeks after liposuction. Otherwise, you will increase the risk of infection. The incisions may be really small and heal quickly, but there is still the possibility of infection. You are safe only when they are completely closed and healed, then you can carelessly immerse yourself in water. So, it can take up to two days without a shower if you have treated a large area of ​​the body. The reason is compression garment. Since you are investing a lot of time and energy in this process, it only takes a little more willpower to invest in a recovery program. This is how you will achieve the results you hoped for.

6. Avoid unhealthy things


Of course, your doctor will certainly advise you the same. Either way, stick to this to achieve better results. It would be best to listen to this advice in advance, and a couple of weeks before liposuction. This mostly refers to the consumption of cigarettes, because they will significantly slow down the process and reduce the quality of healing. Also, this behavior reduces your chances of complications, because smoking can easily lead to infections due to lower blood flow. On the other hand, alcohol dries out your skin and it is clear to you why it should wait.


So, good results of liposuction await you only if you are disciplined when it comes to postoperative recovery. This means that it is not enough just to be familiar with what awaits you after the intervention. It is important to take into account all the tips that will make your recovery easier and faster, and bring your body into fantastic shape.