List of 20 Weirdest Cars Ever Created

Everybody has a car or would at least love to own one. It is essential, and most people rely on vehicles whether they need them for jobs for show-off or something else. People buy cars based on their looks, performance, and quality in general. Of course, we would all love to drive a Ferrari now and then but settling for a VW isn’t such a bad thing. Tastes are different and our budgets too. While some people drive VW out of necessity, other drive Ferrari or Lamborghini because they can. The third group of individuals is the reason for our list. They didn’t buy expensive vehicles, nor they were cheap but useful. They are to put it simply: Weird. Take a look at them below:

1. Grass Car

The first car on our list is the grass car. Probably Fiat of some kind covered in grass.

2. Double Car

Unusual creation whose functionality we just can’t comprehend. It’s a Beetle on top of another Beetle.

3. Duck Car

A car dressed like a duck. Period.

4. Floppy-disk car

This is an automobile that is completely isolated by floppy disks. There are better ways to protect your car from outside influences but if you are ever left without any ideas try floppy-disk camo.

5. House Car

House on wheels like you can see in the photo. More like a carriage of some kind but who are we to judge.

6. Art Car

Art Car is a Beetle which is decorated with some form of art. In different times it would catch the eye of Picasso or some other artist, but today it looks just weird.

7. Lady Shoe Car

Despite being a shoe, this car wouldn’t get many positive comments from any lady. We bet on it.

8. Cat Car

Catmobile as some people call it. Not sure if its owned by cats but is cat-like more than any other car we have ever seen.

9. Divorced Car

This model found itself on the wrong side of divorce. So it’s only half of it left. Like a broken heart.

10. Ugly Monster Car

This car is an Ugly Monster Car. Convertible. Appealing to ladies (as if).

11. Mouse car

Beetle reshaped so that it looks like a car. If a mouse would ever become a car, it would be more like Speedy Gonzales. This beetle doesn’t seem fast, at least not to us.

12. Phantom’s Car

We think that Phantom would have more class when picking his car, so we don’t know who made this one, but it doesn’t carry its name very well.

13. Post-it Jaguar

Jaguar. Ruined. Luckily you can take this papers off and wash the car. Hope they did it immediately after taking the photo.

14. Telephone Car


Ring, ring. Yes, who’s there. Telephone Car. No kidding. Hangs Up.

15. Tubular Car

We’ll let you see it for yourself so you could tell us what is it in the comment section.

16. UFO Car

This car has something to do with Roswell USA, but we just can’t make any connection.

17. Wooden Car


This model is a fine work of some carpenter but not so much for any car engineer.

18. Zoo Car

Dream car of each and every Zoo-keeper out there.

19. Bath Car


Designed for children who hate bathing.

20. Photo Camera Car

If you ever wonder where Google got their idea on how to map the streets of the world here’s your answer.