Biggest Disappointment Of The 2016 NFL Season

There is a lot of teams that end the season disappointed. Only 12 squads are making the Playoffs out of the 32 teams that are a part of the NFL. That means that almost two-thirds of the league don’t even make the postseason and don’t have a shot at the Super Bowl. Yes, some of these are expected to be bad, but there a lot of squads that think they can compete for highest positions, but fall short.

One of those teams is the Carolina Panthers. There is no doubt that they are the one that disappointing most this season. After going 15-1 and making a trip to the Super Bowl, they are going to miss the postseason this year. Their defense is a shell of themselves, their offense can’t get the job done as receivers are not getting open and Newton is not protected at all.

Newton’s major weapon came back this season, but the offense really looked worse. This team just didn’t show up to play all year long, and their current score is not surprising us.

They have given up 300 yards to Julio Jones and over 500 passing yards to Matt Ryan this season. That is unacceptable for a serious franchise that wanted to win the Lombardi Trophy and had the best defense last year.

They had a taste of success, but they also had a taste of failing. Now, they will have to rise from this debacle of the season, keep moving forward and working towards writing the wrong of this year with the next season performance.