Biggest Surprise Of The 2016 NFL Season

We have teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders, and the Detriot Lions that have had good or even great seasons up to this point. All of these squads could be considered as the biggest surprises of the year. But they just don’t compare to the Dallas Cowboys and the kind of season that they are having.

This team has won 12 straight games and is holding the top spot in the NFC. They did all of this with a rookie fourth-rounder that is playing at quarterback instead of veteran Romo. Tony got hurt in the preseason and Dallas’ year looked like it’s going to be over before it has started.

But, Prescott, Elliot, and this offensive line didn’t allow that to happen. Cowboys are the leading rushing team in the NFL, this offensive line is doing its job, and their defense is not getting exposed because Dallas is able to control the clock and keep them off the field with their running game.

Many offensive weapons that the Cowboys possess have stepped up this season. Dez Bryant has always been the key for this offense, but now Cole Bryant, Brice Butler, and Terrence Williams are also a big part of their success, and with Jason Witten on the list of course.

Dallas was supposed to be a good team, and we expected them to rebound from that 4-12 season that they had just a year ago. But nobody expected them to be as good as they are right now. Jerry’s squad is one of the prime candidates to make it to the Super Bowl in the NFC, so we need to give the credit where it’s due. Dallas is the surprise of the season, and there is no doubt about that.