List of Companies That Hire Felons in 2019

Finding a job as a felon is any day challenging. Employers today are extremely concern about background checks on job seekers which easily divulge the criminal background of an applicant if any. Needless to mention a company will usually prefer a candidate with a clean record over a one with a dark past. However, the picture is not so grim. There are actually some companies that hire felons, despite their controversial background. And many of these firms are some of the biggest names in the international business space.

The post below offers a brief on the esteemed companies that are ready to work with felons.

6 Companies That Hire Felons

  1. The Military

Yes, both the US & UK military recruit felons in various roles. There are a lot of soldiers in the army of both the countries who carry a criminal past. Apart from soldiering, felons can apply for different specialist roles here, provided they have the needed skills & education. These include medics, chefs, communication specialist, and drivers.

  1. Hilton Hotels

Hilton Worldwide is another leading felon-friendly employer. The company has its hotels around the world and assures versatile job opportunities for the applicants. There are various positions where you can find employment at this esteemed hotel. These include kitchen staff, maintenance, and housekeeping. Besides, you can also apply for the positions of customer care representative, concierge, hotel receptionist, bar staff and so on. If you perform well, you will have the opportunity to climb up to the managerial level and enjoy amazing perks like discount room rates.

  1. McDonald’s

Felons have extensive job opportunities in fast food space. One of the biggest fast-food giants, McDonald’s, is known to offer employment to any eligible candidate, irrespective of his or her dark past. So, if you are good at waiting tables, you can easily fetch a job at the prestigious burger joint. You may also find jobs here in the kitchen and the delivery sector.

  1. General Electric

GE is another great felon-friendly company. The firm houses several divisions such as Oil and Gas, Power and Water, Transportation, Aviation, Energy Management, Healthcare and so on. Thus, the range of job opportunities is always huge here.

In fact, GE even offers several award-winning apprenticeships & internships in different fields like engineering, IT & administration. So, if you are willing to upgrade your skillset, you will receive great opportunities from the company.

  1. Starbucks

The Seattle-base caffeine giant is one of the best employers you can get when you are looking for a viable job as a felon. There are various entry positions to apply for as a potential job seeker in Starbucks. From cleaner to server to washer, there are several roles to apply for. Most of Starbucks branches even offer training for barista. If you learn and perform well, you may be promoted to the position of supervisor over time.

  1. IKEA

The Swedish furnishing honcho is also flexible to hire felons in the workforce. The company operates with 315 stores in 27 nations and hence offers a vast scope of job opportunities for potential applicants. Depending on your educational qualification & skills, you can try your luck in various range of positions here. These include sales staff, customer care representative and so on. You can also look for a job in the company’s HR, IT, logistics & catering department.