Longmire Seasons – Ranked Best to Worsta

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The mixture of the continuous search for novelties which could surprise audiences, and some old-school, a thousand times tried and tested formulas has been the main source of inspiration to creators of Longmire, an amazing western drama with elements of crime in six seasons. This series, which started its journey to the core of the audience’s heart in 2012, relies on the most classic western birthplace and genuinely connects it to the modern era.

So, in case you feel nostalgic for the times of horses, cowboys, and Indians, Longmire might help you go back to this Epoque. But of course, as it’s always the case even with the best series, some parts represent the pure strength of the whole show, while some of them tend to be less captivating than expected. That’s why we’ve been working hard on exploring and finding the most popular opinions regarding the best and the worst-ranked one.

Although there are many TV shows that gained bigger fame, this one stands out for its original idea, integrity and for the great return of the old, good “sheriff” times. So, let’s find out what spectators think – which part was “yay”, and which one “nay” in this case.

1.  III

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Well, it’s not difficult to realize why exactly this one, with exactly 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. From the very beginning, sheriff Walt Longmire tries to shed light on the murder of his beloved wife, which happened under the veil of mystery and unexplained circumstances. Maybe the best thing about the third part is his transformation. From a sad, grieving man who at first did nothing but succumbing to the monotonous daily routine, to a more extrovert and confident man.

So many mysteries that found their way to a surprising unraveling, numerous moments of intense tension and uncertainty, and what has certainly made the strongest impression on all spectators – an end that leaves a few important but unresolved questions.

There are also some rather emotional moments, for example, in the final episode, when Walt spills the ashes of his late wife, wishing to spare her attending the events that would take place. And what events? Well, it’s not okay to reveal everything – it’s best to have a look at all ten episodes, concluding with the final one, “Ashes to Ashes”, where things eventually culminate and reveal some crucial secrets.

2.  VI

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Yes, the last one. After resolving fundamental mysteries and revealing long-kept secrets that were lingering and hanging in the air, the show comes to its closure. There were divided opinions here, as some viewers were rather disappointed with the mostly happy ending.

However, most of them, watching all the episodes, were absolutely happy with the end result, though it did carry some unexpected conclusions, such as Walt’s retirement and the culmination of his story with Vic. This one also couldn’t go without some tearjerkers and emotional roller coasters, as we have the opportunity to see through Vic’s personal struggles after she loses Walt’s baby at the very beginning of the season.

These touching moments are also imbued with standard scenes of action and crime-solving. Although, as we previously said, not all fans were also fans of a sugar end this TV show had,  this part number 6 definitely had many strengths and kept the attention of many spectators, enough to rank as the second-best one.

3.  II

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Part 2 definitely isn’t left behind the previous two when it comes to mysteries and their resolutions. It interweaves the details and possible outcomes of several major concerns that plagued us while watching the episodes. For example, it follows the veil of questions regarding the accident that Cady, Walt’s daughter, suffers, as well as some details that do not match when it comes to the circumstances of Martha’s death.

For example, the fact that she carried a huge sum of money with her at the time of the murder and that it’s also quite odd that she died the way she did. Viewers are left to wonder about this, and some other peculiarities,  as: who’s actually an individual that keeps following a.k.a stalking Vik? Who was the mystery guy who shot Branch? And why the hell is the thing with Marta’s purse so weird? All those things find their answer in Season 3.

4.   IV

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Oh well, part 4 came as a relief to those left caught by the uncertain end of season 3 and that shocking gunshot that left everyone in a dilemma. Following the fact that the series was about to be canceled after the season 3, it’s not even necessary to say how content the spectators were when it was announced that Longmire’s bringing some fierce comeback on Netflix, ready to keep shocking and on the edge of their seats, just like before.

However, after such a final episode, we couldn’t say it wasn’t expected for everything to calm down for a while. Maybe that’s why people didn’t find it as compelling as previous ones. It’s impossible to speak much about all this without actually discovering who was affected by that famous gunshot – but you can rest assured that all your dilemmas will be responded to once you decide to watch the very first episode of the fourth part.

5.  I

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Why so low? A low rank like this might even be understandable if we take into account that every beginning can be a little bit bumpy. You know, that part when you’re introduced to the characters, their stories, and you’ve just begun diving into their worlds. This base part reveals the story about the loss that Walt suffers, but it doesn’t let us go that deep, having in mind that the story is about to develop in the next episodes.

So, it’s definitely the season that comes after, and the ones that followed, that actually made the story absorbing and so catchy. Like this, the season 1 remains only a pure initiation of this marvelous story, which explains why other parts have gained better acceptance.

6.  V

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Last (and obviously least), there’s number five, which definitely left the impression of bland,  on the audience. Why? There can be many reasons. One possible option is that, unlike the previous two parts (3 and 4), we are experiencing far fewer cliffhangers and “showtimes” in this one than we have ever had before.

This also includes the cases that Walt used to resolve on an almost daily basis; at this point, they’re present, but as much as expected, according to reviewers. Another weak spot of the season, some revisions are stating, is precisely an exaggerated length of some episodes that would be much better if they were shorter and back to the point.

However, as we don’t want this to sound like the worst season of any series ever – it’s not that scary. The good thing about this season is that it definitely treats the character-building in a proper way, as it concentrates more on this aspect than on particular action.

And, in case these six seasons weren’t enough

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Well, although we’ve seen that not every season is the brightest one, Longmire tends to be one of the biggest refreshments on our TV screens anyway. Of course, many nice things come to an end, though – and this was the case with this series, as well: however, in case you’re a western crime-drama fan and you’d like to keep going in the same mood, we do have a special piece of advice for you: find a similar one.

We know, it might look like this is precisely the old-spirited atmosphere that you need, but there are definitely similar movies and TV realizations that would match your taste fantastically. Among many online places where you can get suggestions, there’s a bunch of the websites, for example, Couchpop.com, which tend to make a comparison and advise you which shows have similar features as Longmire. But it doesn’t stop there, of course – you’re supposed to find the matching for any kind of movie or series you prefer.

Dope, right? You just need to set your categories – and there you go. So, in case you’re thinking:” Well, I could go with the series like this all over and over again” – that’s what you might actually get!

As many of you who had a chance to watch this amazing TV realization already know, Longmire isn’t really a type of series that moves mountains on social networks. It didn’t even provoke any particular debates or discussions in magazines or on the Internet until recently. But, regardless of that, it can’t be denied that it’s one of those TV shows that provide its spectators with enormous satisfaction at the time of watching and that will keep rocking even after its finale – just like it does now.