Lonzo Ball’s Draft Stock Won’t Be Affected By His Father


Lonzo Ball is one of the most talented players in the college basketball today. But, the spotlight in recent days is more on his father LaVar Ball than on his oldest son as he has been pretty outspoken about all three of his sons, all who look like to be potential stars on the NBA level.

Ball has been pretty quiet and it seems that he is not the kind of guy that is seeking attention, unlike his father who has been making headlines for some ridiculous reasons. In the past, he has stated things like that Stephen Curry is not better than Lonzo Ball right now, or the fact that he thinks that he could have beaten Charles Barkley 1-on-1 in his prime.

Luckily, when a team drafts, they are not looking at the father. They are looking at a player and how good he can be on the next level. There is no doubt that Lonzo Ball has the potential to be the star in the NBA. He is calm, keeps his cool, plays at his own pace and understands the game well considering that he is just a freshman on the college level.

His vision is great and his passing skills are already better than average on the NBA level. With his size, he can be a major peace on defense as he has a good wingspan. If he can learn to move the feet on defense, it’s going to be hard to get past him. He needs to work on that release. Even though he can hit the long ball, he will need to work on that stroke if he wants to be a legit threat on the next level.


The bottom line is this – he is just way too talented for his stock to be affected by what his father says. Mostly because it seems that he has a much different personality than his father.