2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label Edition Is Hot


Lincoln Continental used to be a vehicle of the upper classes of our society and it presented a symbol of wealth and status, as you could roll down your windows so the others could see you enjoy the luxury and comfort of the car. However, times change and the youngsters don’t feel this amount of respect when they hear of or talk about the Lincoln Continental. Ford is the company that has owned Lincoln since 1922 and they hoped that they could restore a glory Continental once enjoyed, so they launched a new vehicle last year. Only a year has passed and a new Black Label special edition is already here.

There is one version of the Continental-Black Label Edition called “Rhapsody” and its entire exterior and interior design are painted in blue color. Considering that this is Continental we are talking about, Lincoln picked out a special blue surface for its car, especially inside since there is an abundance of high-quality materials. Marcia Salzberg, Lincoln’s senior designer for color and materials said that choosing the right color for the special edition of this car was an important decision.


She said: “We had so much inspiration, from all around us. We looked at the color of custom business suits, at nature, how day fades into night, how the sky gets so soft and velvety. We looked at our heritage, at Lincolns of the past – at how blue was such an important, signature color.”

There is no doubt the new model looks unique, but there are some other iterations of the Black Label Edition such as the ones in Chalet and Thoroughbred themes, which also look authentic. Will this new Black Label Edition help Continental regain at least some of its glow? Let’s see what the new car brings to the table.

All that blue color on the Lincoln Continental is no joke and it begins with the exterior which is painted in the color called Rhapsody Blue. When you step the foot in the cabin, everything remains blue, but there are plenty of supple materials such as leather, mesh, and Alcantara. As we have already mentioned, the same color covers the interior of this luxury sedan, but there is also Rhapsody Blue Venetian leather that complements the first color and even though the cabin is as blue as it can be, there are two tone finishes. Alcantara suede cloth and another shot of Rhapsody Blue trim accompany the leather inside.

Luckily, there are some chrome treatments on the center console, dashboard and instrumental panel followed by the silver mesh details which give a nice contrast to the Continental’s interior. The reason why Lincoln decided to produce the Black Label Edition is clear and simple and as Marcia Salzburg says, they want to “evoke feelings of warmth, comfort, and security”. The choice of colors and materials turns this car into a sanctuary.

If you don’t like Rhapsody Blue, the company also offers Chalet and Thoroughbred themes. The latter one adds the wintry theme to the sedan and instead of blue, Chalet brings a lot of white thus evoking “pulse-raising mountain slopes and the warm comfort of a ski lodge.” Inside the cabin, you can find Cashmere and Espresso leather as well as Alcantara suede cloth, Silverwood appliqués and Lincoln star logo on the front seats in contrast to the exterior which is finished in pure white color. If you choose this option it will be really hard to maintain it, but it gives the car even more sophisticated look than the other options.


On the other hand, the Thoroughbred theme brings aggressiveness to the range. It is painted in Chroma Elite Light Brown, that usually costs extra money and this version celebrates the elitist lifestyle of horse racing. Because of that, the interior consists of similar colors, which are contrasted by Jet Black surfaces, but you can also find Chestnut leather, ALcantara suede cloth details, and Chilean Maple wood inlays. The goal of this Black Label Edition is to equip Continental with rugged luxury and it definitely does that.

2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label Edition Price

Opting for one of those three can be difficult, but all three are fascinating. Based on the Black Label Edition, we can clearly see that Lincoln is giving its best to breathe some life to the Continental and it may not be what it was in the past, but it is definitely going in the right direction. The starting price of the Lincoln Continental Black Label Edition is $60,000 plus the premium that has to be paid.

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