6 Benefits of Installing a Machinery Shed For You Farming Operation

Anyone in the agricultural industry will agree that setting up and managing farming operations takes dedication and hard work. Not only do you have to ensure that your animals are secure, but you must also keep your machines in a safe place.

This is why many Australian farmers are opting for custom-made machinery sheds that make storing equipment such as tractors, combines and harvesters simple and secure. This isn’t only an effective storage solution, but also cost-effective.

Why Every Farming Operation Needs a Machinery Shed

Source: actionsteel.com.au

Whether you’re running a small family farming operation, or you’re the owner of a larger agricultural establishment, your business will benefit from a machinery shed. Perhaps you need some of the following advantages too?

1. Protection

Without a designated storage facility for all farm machinery, a farmer may be resorted to placing some in an empty garage or even outside. While this option may seem viable at first, keep in mind that harsh weather elements can damage your machines.

Furthermore, smaller machines are at risk of theft. Having a machinery shed allows for all the machinery to be stored together, under lock and key. Also, equipment and machines can be kept together, creating an organised storage system.

2. Temporary Animal Shelter or Workshop

Another top benefit of a machinery shed is that you can temporarily convert it into a safe house for farm animals. Especially in areas that are at risk of bushfires or other harsh weather elements that may drive animals from their normal shelters, this is a helpful backup plan.

Alternatively, you may require a small workshop but don’t want the expense of putting up an additional structure. Investing in a large enough machinery shed will allow you to set up a workshop or even just a simple workbench, so you get a 2-in-1 solution.

3. Doubles as Storage for Harvest

Depending on the size of your machinery shed, you may even be able to store harvests inside. Keeping harvested crops or animal food under the roof is necessary to manage their longevity.

It’s not uncommon for farmers to opt for a larger machinery shed than necessary, which they then use in part for crops, food or other materials used around the farm.

Note: depending on other contents of the machine shed, you can also use it to store fertilisers and chemicals, but first make sure it won’t cause health and safety concerns.

4. Can be Customised


A huge plus of installing a machinery shed is that it can easily be customised to your exact needs. For example, if you want to house large machines, the shed can be built with a large entryway that makes driving in and out of the shed quick and simple.

Your shed can also serve as a drive-through shed that allows you to drive your machine in on one side, park it overnight and then drive out on the other side when next you need your machine. No fancy maneuvering necessary!

It’s then also up to you if you want to have both sides open or opt for doors to add to your security measures. In this case, it’s a good idea to opt for a hangar-style door system.

Other than customisable features that you can add, quality shed companies also have the following on offer:

  • Range of designs to choose from
  • COLOURBOND cladding offers a wide range of colours
  • Multiple footing (ground) options to consider
  • RHS and Universal beams to create a structurally sound framework

5. Cost-Effective

As in any business, farmers also strive to keep expenses as low as possible. Fortunately, machinery sheds are a cost-effective storage solution! By using the natural ground floor on your farm, there’s a major reduction in concrete costs.

Furthermore, by opting for a unique larger bay configuration, you’ll ultimately be paying less per square meter. For added security, you can opt to include a concrete floor at an additional, but affordable price.

6. Weather Resistant


It’s no secret that Australia is a country of severe weather that can change from calm to severe in a matter of hours. Luckily, many machinery sheds are designed with unpredictable environmental conditions in mind.

Machinery sheds should have a rating of Region A, category 2, which is the highest Australian rating for outdoor sheds. Then your shed will be able to withstand just about any weather your area is known for. Farmers living in cyclone-prone areas can request their shed to be engineered using 7B, 9B and class 1 shed materials.

Custom-made machinery sheds have become a smart choice for Australian farmers. These sheds provide secure storage for essential equipment like tractors and harvesters while offering numerous advantages:

  • Protection: Safeguard machinery from harsh weather and potential theft, ensuring their longevity and security. An organized storage system is an added benefit.
  • Temporary Shelter or Workshop: Convert the shed into a safe haven for farm animals during adverse conditions or set up a workshop, saving on extra construction costs.
  • Storage for Harvest: Depending on the shed’s size, it can store harvested crops, animal food, or other farm materials.
  • Customization: Tailor the shed to your specific needs, with features like large entryways, drive-through options, and security measures.
  • Cost-Effective: Using natural ground floors minimizes concrete expenses, and unique bay configurations reduce the cost per square meter.
  • Weather Resistance: These sheds are designed to withstand Australia’s unpredictable weather, meeting high ratings for outdoor sheds.

In summary, machinery sheds offer versatile, cost-effective, and weather-resistant solutions, essential for the efficient operation of any farming venture.

Final Thoughts

No two farming enterprises are the same. However, whether you’re farming with animals, plants or crops, one thing is for sure—you will need adequate storage.

Opting for a machinery shed will not only keep your machinery safe, but these durable structures can be used for a variety of other purposes. It’s an essential way to organise your farm setup, security and workflows, all of which can benefit your bottom line!