Magento 2 Checkout Extension


E-commerce is increasingly becoming popular, and with an estimated 3.58 billion internet users in the world, everyone wants some space in the global marketplace. The introduction of Content Management Systems(CMS) have made it easy for people with little or no IT background to start selling their product online using easy to customize website template. Despite the ease of setting up an online store, most people have found it difficult to integrate payment systems in their CMS. However, with the new Magento 2 checkout extension, one does not have to worry about checkout integration with Magento CMS.

Magento 2 checkout extensions allow your online customers to check out goods sold in one step. All the checkout activities are highly customized which result in increased visitors’ conversion rate. In addition, the extension helps you to analyze checkout performance and seal any loopholes in the checkout process. The finely tuned website checkout page helps you increase your revenue from your online selling because it is attractive, easy to use and convincing. The analyses module of the extension helps in analyzing product conversation rate for different products. The extension also enables multiple users to carry on transactions at the same time with a real-time update of the product quantities.

How to configure Magento 2 checkout extension

To configure the extension you have to first install the extension in your e-commerce platform. After that, you need to adjust the checkout page title as well as the page description, replacing the existing text with your business information. The next step entails adding or removing customer information fields. This helps in shortening the checkout process. In addition, you need to edit the field names of the existing fields to match your business requirements. After customizing the fields, you then need to define the mandatory fields in your system and set the defaults value for the relevant fields. Finally, you need to upload the security badges to complete the configuration process.


When customizing the user interface, it’s very important to put into consideration the following tips. To start with, for an e-commerce website, the delivery date must include both date and time. In addition, the checkout page should be responsive and adjust to fit all types of screens. When designing an e-commerce website, you should have the mobile device users in mind, according to Google, 64% of people who accessed the internet in 2018 used mobile computing devices. This implies that not factoring mobile devices users when designing your website means leaving out more than half of your potential clients.

One of the amazing features of Magento 2 checkout extension is it allows website visitors to check out as guests. This implies that they do not have to go through the tedious process of registering. If your client must register to transact, you should ensure that your registration process is as “Painless” as possible to the targeted audience. Some of the features that make Magento 2 a cut above the rest when it comes to e-commerce extension include gift cards integration and an end to end integration with reward points as well as store credit. With all the above features and customization capabilities, Magento 2 is definitely the best checkout extension in the world.