The 4 Major Benefits of Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit


Adding a new addition to your home’s property in the Bay Area is undoubtedly on trend right now. Accessory dwelling units are the latest solution to California’s growing population; they can also be the solution to your family over-crowding if you have outgrown your own home; they can provide a space for a home office, gym, or even rental opportunities.

The cool thing about ADUs is that they are yours to do with, whatever you want, and when you are building one – you want to keep in mind the function of the space, the aesthetics you are hoping to project in terms of the interior, and exterior and how practical this is for your current household.

Recent studies have shown that people require almost three times as much living space as we did 50 years ago, and that number is only expected to increase in the coming years. Perhaps we have filled out homes with more stuff or more people, but no matter the case – ADU construction can resolve that issue quickly and increase the value of your space at the same time.

There are a multitude of benefits that you can reap from creating an accessory dwelling unit. Still, it is always a responsible idea to consult with a local professional contractor before starting your project.

Passive Income & Increase in Property Value


Everyone loves making money without having to work for it, and with an accessory dwelling unit, you have the opportunity available! ADUs in the Bay Area allow long-term rental opportunities, and no matter which option you opt for, you are making money without having to spend every hour of every day tending to your tenants. You will have to put in some elbow grease to create your addition, but if you opt for a local ADU contractor to assist in the process, you won’t have to worry about anything!

Additions are a sound and substantial investment opportunity, and while piecing together the funding or gaining the financing to craft your ADU can be a bit of a struggle – it will pay off in the end. Crafting a custom ADU on your property will increase the value and the resale value. Building an accessory around 100-250K in California can increase your property value by anywhere from 500-600K. Investing in your space will pay off, which you can count on when building an accessory dwelling unit.

Additional Space for Family, Friends & Visitors


Another one of the great benefits of a new addition to your property is having easy, comfortable, and convenient access to additional space when necessary. If you are just having friends in town for a weekend or have a family member that needs a place to stay for a more extended period, you have the space! If your kiddo is coming home from college for the summer and you have already turned their room into a yoga studio – you have the area. If you are dealing with aging parents who need additional attention and have set needs regarding their health and safety – you can be there.

An accessory dwelling unit gives you so much extra room for any visitors you may have, no matter the reason. If you have a detached unit, you will be sacrificing any of your daily privacy – you can continue singing in the shower if you want! Having an addition right outside in your very own backyard lends itself in the best interest of the things you love the most, sustaining those relationships that you cherish and the people that have helped to grow and mold your very own lives – and that is what makes having an ADU so special.

Adult Children Have a Space to Go as Well

People always love to talk about how quickly the time passes when you have children, and that is done. Even when the little ones are all grown up, they are often still in transition phases and need a place to stay now and then, perhaps more often. Let’s face it, the cost of living in California isn’t the easiest thing to deal with when you have just graduated from college and are trying to find your first job.

When you have an accessory dwelling unit at your disposal, your adult children can reap the benefits – and you can as well, because this doesn’t put them directly in your living space 24/7, allows them to still have their level of independence still, and they can save money! You can always use it as a long-term rental and charge them for a little while.

It is Your Creation


You can use an ADU for just about anything you want or need; you can decorate it how you please, redecorate it when necessary, and make the most of all the additional square feet you have access to daily. Maybe you work from home regularly, but you were hoping to upgrade your work-life balance – an ADU can be used as office space!

Perhaps you are hoping to redesign your life and health to have better access to the gym – make that addition into its own high-quality gym, available just a few feet away from your front door. No matter what it is for, you will reap all the benefits of creating an accessory dwelling unit, but you will need some help constructing one.

Clever Design and Remodeling are the Bay Area and California’s best when drafting, designing, and building an accessory dwelling unit. Clever has a team of highly skilled and highly experienced experts readily available and eager to get creative in creating new custom ADUs. They provide free estimates and personal project management and remain hands-on throughout every experience, plus they are licensed, bonded, and insured. If you haven’t figured it out already – This is your sign; contact a reliable contractor and take the first steps in planning an accessory dwelling unit for your property today!