Major Changes Coming To A Big PPV In 2018

Outside of the big four pay per views, there is no event that is as exciting as the Money in the Bank PPV. This is one of the most fun concepts in the WWE as the winner gets a sure-fire title shot. The one that wins MITB briefcase usually becomes the next WWE Champion. Sorry, Baron Corbin, but people that take it in most cases go on to be major stars in the company.

In 2017, the Money in the Bank PPV was a Smackdown Live exclusive. Only superstars from the blue brand had the chance to win the briefcase and to have a championship opportunity whenever the winner wanted.

This year, the women also competed for the contract for the first time ever. Miss Money in the Bank still hasn’t cashed in her deal, and it is going to be interesting whether or not the company wants to go with Carmela as the champion.

Next year, the WWE is going to make a big change to the PPV, and it is going to be a change for the better. Money in the Bank is going to be a dual-branded PPV next year which means that superstars from both brands will have a chance to compete for the briefcase.

Since there are a lot of superstars on the roster and there are only six spots in each clash for both men and women, the booking, and the storytelling is going to have to be good. The writers need to make sense of how the wrestlers get to compete in the match and to make a big deal of the qualifying duels that they book for the event and not just go through the motions.