Major Star Returns On Monday Night Raw


Monday Night Raw booked an extremely explosive main event for this week’s edition as Roman Reigns squared off against Braun Strowman in the steel cage match. There was a lot on the line as the battle had TLC implications. If Roman Reigns was to win, the duel at the PPV would become a three-on-three battle between the Shield and The Miz, Sheamus, and Cesaro. But, if Strowman was to get a win, he and another superstar would be included in the match, making it 3v5 affair.

Everybody was banned from the ringside, but that didn’t stop The Bar from coming to the ring and helping The Monster Among Men. As it goes in the WWE, the good guys responded and came rushing down the ring. It was the Tag Champions that rescued Reigns and took out Sheamus and Cesaro by dragging them to the locker room and throwing punches there.


Just when it seemed that the match was 1v1 again, we have seen the fire at the entrance ramp and Kane of all people coming through and rushing to the ring and helping Braun Strowman. This was the big return of the Big Red Monster. In the end, it was clear who the fifth member of The Miz’ team is going to be. Kane will join them in a battle at the Tables Ladders and Chairs this Sunday.

Even though he is 50 years old, it was nice to see the Kane back. Does he belong in the main event? No. But, since his days in the WWE are numbered as he is running for Mayor and since he doesn’t appear very often, the fans are going to cut him some slack.