Dubai Police Introduces Hoverbikes!

It seems like Dubai officials really put in a lot of effort to present their city as a city of future! Self-flying taxis and facial recognition systems in their airport just show how persistent they are, but now they went even further. The latest addition to Dubai Police Department’s motorized vehicles is the hoverbike!

Let us remind you that Dubai’s finest already have luxury cars, self-driving drones, and a robot officer! Their officers will now get by on hoverbikes that resemble an early version of the speeder bikes from the Return of the Jedi. If they opt for new uniforms, maybe they should take some notes from the scout troopers.

During the Gitex Technology Week conference, the Force revealed their new Hoversurf Scorpion craft! The police will use these for emergency response scenarios, and officers will easily avoid congested traffic and gridlocks.

This Russian piece of technology/craft can handle up to 600 pounds, and it can go for about 25 minutes per one charge, and its top speed is around 43 mph. The Scorpion has the ability to fly four miles autonomously in case of other emergencies.

We’ll leave a video below where you’ll see the craft in action.

The Scorpion-3 which is one of Hoversurf’s concept vehicles features a built-in safety system. According to the company, it keeps the pilot safe from losing control and going too fast or too high. Unfortunately, we don’t know if the Dubai Police Department’s model features this system.

Alexander Atamanov, Hoversurf CEO, announced on Facebook that his company and Dubai PD signed a memorandum of understanding that will enable Hoversurf to begin mass production of the Scorpion crafts in the Dubai area specifically designed to serve the department.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that the Dubai PD’s hoverbikes will join the city’s fire department’s jetpacks which will help them fight fires and do it in a sci-fi-like manner. This may sound crazy, but it’s real. Future is now in Dubai!