Top 5 Ways to Make Your Car Safer to Drive – Our Advice and Guides

More and more people are taking a safe driving course. Most road accidents are caused by driver distraction and other factors that are often underestimated. In this article, you will discover the top 5 ways to make your car safer to drive.

1. Avoid using the phone

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Distractions while driving are among the leading causes of road accidents. The first advice on how to drive safer is to never stop looking at the road. If you have urgent calls, use the headset. If the phone call is stressful to cause a loss of attention, it is better to postpone it or pull up the car.

The same caution should be used if you have to send or read a message on the phone. Take a few minutes to do. Then pull up the car and continue driving only when you are finished. A minor distraction can be fatal.

You should drive at a speed of 80 km/h. If you stop looking at the road for two seconds to check a message or insert a CD; you are driving almost 50 meters without seeing what is happening in front of your vehicle.

It also distracts us to consult the navigator. If you cannot drive without it because you forgot to study the route, place it where it does not force you to take your eyes off the road. Or entrust it to the passenger.

2. Keep a safe distance

The safety distance is often not respected when driving. We underestimate its importance compared to the actual risk it entails. Chain accidents are often caused by not respecting the safety distance, even for a single car.

The correct distance allows you to have the space to stop the vehicle without bumping into the car moving ahead. When testing it, remember to consider some case:

– Travel speed: the faster you go, the greater the distance from the vehicle in front of you:

– Reaction time: if you drive at night or when you are tired, your reflexes will be slower.

– The condition of the vehicle: you always check that the tires and brakes are perfectly effective. It is especially important that you use tires that are appropriate for the region and weather in which you live. You cannot use summer tires in snowy winter, or vice versa, it will put you at risk while driving. You should visit, to make sure that the tire you are using is the tire that is best for the journey.

– The load of the car: the heavier and more loaded the car, the more space you will need to stop

3. Maintain the correct driving position

When you drive, you must position your hands on the steering wheel. The thumbs must fit perfectly between the spokes and the steering wheel. The opposition of the hands in this grip allows you to feel the suspension and steering with greater sensitivity. It is the elements that first send you signals about vehicle grip. Also, by placing your hands on the steering wheel correctly, you will avoid covering the area of the airbag.

Never underestimate the importance of the position of the headrest. If you do not position it correctly, it becomes useless. It is not enough to be positioned at the nape of the neck. In the event of an accident with a strong excursion of the driver’s body, the impact can be so violent. It can throw the head back until it climbs over the headrest.

How should it be positioned? Its highest point must go beyond the head by at least two centimeters. The distance between the neck and the headrest must not exceed 5-8 centimeters. And do not forget to place the mirrors.

4. Take care of your car

Do you keep track of when you checked your tire pressure and changed the oil for the last time? Do you listen to your car and make sure it’s not making the wrong kind of noise? Is your engine always properly tuned? You should pay attention to all these factors.

When you drive a well-maintained car, it will not divert your attention. And it will not subject you to any kind of stress. So, if you think your car has been too noisy or has encountered some brake, accelerator, or steering problem, do not hesitate a second longer and go to a qualified mechanic. In case an extreme case arises, you will thank when you have acted and prevented it in time.

5. Importance of staying hydrated

Hydration may not be an obvious concern for drivers. Driving while dehydrated can be as dangerous as driving drunk. It is because dehydration affects cognitive abilities and brain concentration. It also increases fatigue and irritability. Thus, it makes any driver potentially more dangerous.

Dehydrated drivers make twice as many road mistakes as properly hydrated ones. So, always make sure you have a bottle of freshwater in your car. Even if you are not planning an endless trip, you never know when you might get stuck in a traffic jam. Proper hydration means that your concentration will be at its peak while driving. And you will react immediately to any unexpected situation.

Final Words

The guide is not only a necessity but also a fun activity. Many like the sense of freedom or the powerful feeling of being in control of driving. This power must underlie the responsibility and maintenance of excellent conditions, both of the vehicles and its own.

Safe and focused driving depends on both the driver and the vehicle. If you remember to check the car before planning trips and always confirm that you have everything you need before starting to drive, you will minimize the potential risks that could arise.

As a driver, you must always maintain a good default concentration level when driving. Follow our top 5 ways to make your car safer to drive and have fun while driving.