Why Are Male Sex Toys Still A Taboo Subject?


Acts of self pleasures have always been around, especially in the 21st century where it’s considered perfectly normal for both genders to masturbate whenever they wish. Many have taken this a step further and included various toys and objects in their regime to enhance their pleasure to the next level.

There are now different types of toys available for both the genders to cater to the sexual needs of various individuals. For women, there are a gazillion types of vibrators, buttplugs, and dildos available solely for their pleasure. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and forms to ensure there is a perfect sex toy for every woman.

For males, on the other hand, there are different sex toys like fleshlights, which imitate a woman’s vagina, butt, or mouth and then there are sex dolls, which mimic a woman’s entire from head to toe for a fully immersive experience. If you are interested in learning more about them, you can check this website here to do so.

Are male sex toys considered taboo?


While female sex toys are considered perfectly normal by society and even encouraged in many cases, the same is not true for males who do so. A woman can talk about how she bought a sex toy so that she can fulfill her desires to her female friends and she would be applauded for being independent.

On the other hand, if a guy tells his friends that he bought a sex doll for his pleasure he would be called a pathetic loser, pervert, and someone who can’t get in a real relationship with an actual woman.

Even to this day, male sex toys are shrouded in an aura of taboo by society. Men who use them are judged negatively and harshly, even when it’s perfectly fine to do so. Thus, when a guy is only trying to explore his sexuality and preference using sex toys, he can face ridicule and shame by society for doing so.

This is absolutely wrong and discourages a man from exploring his sexual side, which can have adverse effects later on. In this article we’ll talk about the various causes of this taboo, how it can be removed and how using sex toys can benefit men.

It’s essential to recognize that sexual exploration and self-discovery are healthy aspects of human nature, irrespective of gender.

Breaking down this stigma is not just about promoting the acceptance of male sex toys; it’s about fostering a more inclusive and empathetic society. We’ll also explore the potential benefits that using sex toys can offer men, both in terms of personal satisfaction and improving their understanding of their own desires and preferences. By addressing these issues openly and honestly, we can learn more and work towards a more sex-positive and understanding world.

Causes why male sex toys are considered taboo


According to statistics, more than 75% of straight men want to use a male sex toy but only around 35% have done so. This sole statistic makes it apparent that men want to use sex toys but can’t do so because they know they will be kink-shamed and ridiculed. There are several reasons why this happens.

One of the most major causes isn’t even any individual’s or society’s fault except the company who makes male sex toys themselves. There are many companies out there that advertise male sex toys as something that only homosexuals can use. This increases the already major misconception prevalent in almost all circles of society that only gays can enjoy and use male sex toys comfortably.

Besides that, there is also the notion that men who use male sex toys aren’t “real men”. After all, a real man should be able to get himself a woman to have intercourse with any time he wants, right? Wrong.

The absurd idea of a “real man” spread around by toxic males might not be as prevalent as other notions, but it has had the most impact on guys staying away from sex toys. Using a male sex toy is never a sign of incompetency – rather, it’s a sign that a guy is willing to explore his sexual side so that he can understand it better and provide more value when he has intercourse with someone.

The eccentric design of male sex toys doesn’t help either since most of them have weird designs that mimic only specific woman body parts, while women’s sex toys look neater and more natural.

How can the taboo around male sex toys be removed?


There are various ways of doing so and the steps towards achieving that goal need to be started with ourselves first. Right now, while the movie industry encourages female sex toy usage and is willing to depict it in several movies and shows, the same can’t be said for male sex toy usage.

The first step would be to ensure that using male sex toys is considered as natural as possible and that there is nothing inherently wrong with it. Once that’s done, people need to ensure that it gets proper traction and representation in media and conversations. This should not be done in a way that makes their usage look weird or perverse, but in a way that it’s perfectly natural for any guy to do so.

Male friend circles should stop the taboo around male sex toys by talking about them more freely and encouragingly. Of course, this is hard to do especially considering how prevalent the taboo is, but with considerable efforts, we believe it is entirely possible to do so. Through efforts and will, the taboo can be stopped and eradicated from its roots permanently.

Benefits of using male sex toys


Believe it or not, there are actual benefits to using male sex toys besides the pleasure one gets from them. Studies have found out that using these toys has inspired men to take better care of their sexual health. This has encouraged several sexually beneficial behaviors in men that were otherwise unwilling to do so.

It makes the entire act of masturbation much easier, comfortable, and amazing. Men have found out that using these toys has helped them perform better in actual intercourse. This is because using the toys gives men a better understanding of the female anatomy and helps please them in a much better way.

Since it makes masturbation a fun experience, men are encouraged to do it more. More orgasms mean lesser chances of getting prostate cancer later on in life. Thus, these sex toys can indirectly help a guy avoid cancer.


There is a lot of taboo surrounding the use of male sex toys and there are different causes for it. We hope this article helped you realize these causes and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.