Maleficent 2 Release Date: Is Angelina Jolie reprising her famous role?

We all know the story of Maleficent. Coming from Disney and based on its classic Sleeping Beauty, this is a fairytale located in a magical forest which follows the cruel heart of Maleficent. The first movie had one of the best actresses in the business Angelina Jolie playing the main character. Apart from the amazing plot and actors who took part in this fantasy, this film is also memorable for its darkness which is a bit unusual for Disney movies.

It has been a while since the first film was released, and the reason we’re saying the first is, yes you’re right, there’s going to be Maleficent 2. Many people, especially children, of course, loved the movie because it doesn’t have quite an ordinary plot, at least not for a Disney. Instead of following the story of some beautiful girl on her way of meeting her prince charming, Maleficent is turned towards the life of a villain. Precisely for the uniqueness of the storyline, many fans are yearning for its sequel, and it appears that Angelina Jolie is also considering returning to her character.

The rumor has it that Angelina has many projects planned for this year, but Maleficent 2 seems to be one of her priorities. There is no official information from this actress, but having in mind the demand of the army of fans, it would be pretty odd if she turned the role down.

It is not only the fans hoping that she will come back and reprise her great performance. Even Linda Woolverton, who wrote the script for the first movie, is having high expectations of her return.

We also know that Angelina is difficult on accepting her roles. She has turned down many good offers up to now, such as “Salt” and “Wanted” for instance. This explains the fear of both Angelina’s and the movie’s fans.

However, in the past, she didn’t reject the idea of coming back. She also stated:

“It’s kind of hard to top her. She was pretty fun. Maybe I’ll get the chance to play her again.”

If we take a look at the box office, we can tell that Maleficent was a major success. It earned $758,536,735 with $180-million budget. Some say that Maleficent 2 could reach the same number or even surpass it.

Maleficent 2 Release Date

And when it comes to the release date, it is highly likely that it will happen sometime between 2018 and 2019. We are pretty sure that nothing will come during this year, but the next one is quite a good guess.