March Madness Sweet Sixteen – Matchups And Dates Set


March Madness tournament is always the hottest topic at the end of the month of March each and every year. The first couple of days are over, and the first two rounds have concluded. There have been some major teams that are out of the competition already, like the defending champs Villanova and Duke, but there are still some big teams that are still battling for the National title.


Kansas (1) vs. Purdue (4) – Both of these teams were expected to be here. Kansas is playing well and is the favorite in this game. Date: March 23rd.

Oregon (3) vs. Michigan (7) – Michigan is the one that knocked out Louisville. It’s an upset, and they are now in the mix for the Elite 8 spot. Oregon narrowly avoided the elimination in the last round. This will be a good game. Date: March 23rd.



Wisconsin (8) vs. Florida (4) – Villanova is out of the tournament thanks to the Badgers. Florida now has a more favorable opponent, but don’t count out Wisconsin. They could get on a roll. Date: March 24th.

Baylor (3) vs. South Carolina (7) – Duke was one of the biggest favorites to win it all, but South Carolina knocked them off last night. Now, the East is wide open as both Villanova and Duke are done. Date: March 24th.



Gonzaga (1) vs. West Virginia (4) – Gonzaga has struggled a bit in their first two games, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t favored to win this game. Date: March 23rd.

Xavier (11) vs. Arizona (2) – Zona has played great basketball so far, but Xavier has made it to Sweet 16 even though they weren’t favored to win even their first game. Now, they are looking dangerous and could be the biggest underdog story of this year’s tournament. Date: March 23rd.



UNC (1) vs. Butler (4) – This matchup was expected, and this is what we got. The South is still pretty strong, and UNC is still favored to win this game. Date: March 24th.

Kentucky (2) vs. UCLA (3) – The biggest matchup of Sweet 16 is this one. Ball vs. Monk. Two prominent colleges are going up against each other. It’s going to be a great one. Date: March 24th.