Markelle Fultz Or Lonzo Ball – Who Will Be 1st Overall Pick?


NBA Draft is fastly approaching. The teams that have been bad all year long are now already looking at the Draft and their possibilities. Well, everybody except the Brooklyn Nets. Even though they have the worst record in the NBA right now, their pick will be going to the Boston Celtics. Everybody else is watching the March Madness tournament closely.

Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball are the two guys that stand out in this Draft. Fultz has played for a small college, so that is why his team is not in the tournament. On the other hand, Lonzo Ball is shining during March Madness. Both of these players are two terrific guys, but who is going to be the number one overall pick this June?

Markelle Fultz, for example, is a guy with a perfect size for a point guard in today’s NBA. He has a long wingspan and looks a bit more NBA ready than Ball does at this moment. He is a better scorer as he knows how to get to his sports perfectly. The defense for Fultz is already there, and he looks like more of a sure thing.


On the other hand, Ball is the guy that has a higher ceiling right now. His passing skills are off the charts, his size at 6’6” is fantastic as it gives him an advantage against the most guards. He needs a bit of work on his shot, but that can be done. The potential in this guy is great, and he can be better than Fultz down the line.

When you have a first overall choice, you are looking for a game changer. A team that gets that pick will have a tough decision to make. Both of these guys could go first in June. If the team is looking for a scoring guard, like for example the Sixers, they should get Fultz. If a team already has some decent offensive players on the team, like the Lakers, they should go with Ball. Everything depends on the team that has the pick.