Which Match Is Going To Be The Best One At Wrestlemania 33?

source; bleacherreport.com

Wrestlemania 33, at least on paper, has the better card than Wrestlemania 32. That show last year has been a bit lackluster, mostly because of the booking decisions that WWE made. The main event between Triple H and Roman Reigns wasn’t a good one which ultimately made this Wrestlemania mostly forgettable. This one has the potential to be much better.

There are a lot of matches that can be the best of the night. We know that Lesnar and Goldberg duel won’t be a great one, but they can make some noise. Still, that match won’t be the match of the night. The in-ring work of Wyatt and Orton is going to be a thing to watch as they could make this event really interesting. Owens and Jericho will but on a show, but can they actually pull off the match of the night? It’s hard to say. Taker vs. Reigns could be interesting if Roman turns heel.

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The one match that not many people are talking about as potentially the match of the night is the AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon. We think that this is going to be the match of the evening and here is why.

AJ Styles is one of the best workers in the whole WWE, if not the best. Even though he is a heel, the fans love him, and they love what he does in a ring. Shane McMahon is just like him when it comes to fan support. In the ring, he is not a great wrestler, but he is a risk-taker and is going to go all out to make this match great.

If someone can carry Shane to a good match, it is going to be AJ Styles. When you mix in the in-ring skills with AJ, combined with Shane’s risk taking and showmanship and the stipulation that this match will likely have, you get a great match on the grandest stage of them all.