Top 10 Android stories of this month

As it is with these things, each month has its top pick of topics, and this one is not any different. We prepared for you top 10 stories that are tied to Android devices this month, and here they are:

1. LG G6 review

As you know, it was due to arrive, and thankfully it finally has. The review of the new flagship phone for the LG company answered us some questions that regarded the unique 18:9 screen and dual camera setup, and whether they actually delivered what was advertised.

2. Huawei P10 and P10 Plus review

Huawei company also released their two new phones – the P10 and P10 Plus. Thanks to the companies increase in quality over this past few years, the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus became highly anticipated phones, which finally arrived and thanks to the review we found out just how good the new P series just is.

3. Withings Steel HR review

This is the review of the beautiful fitness tracking analog watch that has a small digital display that popped up recently, and the report showed us just how good it is and whether it is worth the asking price.

4. Evolution of the LG G series: A hard fought battle

This one is tied to the release of the new LG G6, but it isn’t reviewing the phone to the detail, but it is slightly turned to the origins and evolution of the LG G series and just how did it bring us to the G6.

5. The LG G6: how LG got its groove back

The article behind this title tells us about LG company going back to its roots and steering back to the right way. It tells about a modular mess of the G5, and the return of LG to basics with the new G6 and managing to get their groove back.

6. OPPO R9s review

The story behind this is a simple review of the OPPO R9 and its comparison to the similarly priced options like the ZTE Axon 7, Honor 8 or OnePlus 3T, that asked a simple question – is it better than the same price range competitors?

7. New Balance RunIQ and PaceIQ review

The said article tries to determine if the shoe manufacturer can break into the smartwatch and Bluetooth headphone scene with little to no experience in the branch and even deliver at all?

8. Google Home, Beauty and the Beast, and Google’s dilemma

Is basically revolving around that Beauty and the Beast promotion, which according to the company was not an ad, but could actually be a proof-of-concept for future voice ads.

9. New colors and headphone ports: the new smartphone “features.”

Regards this new and annoying “problem” – Since when did a headphone port become a feature and why in Gods green earth is there a hype for a black color option for your phone?! OEMs really need to stop hyping the past.

10. Do we really want an app for everything?

This actually is a really good topic that turned to the Starbucks and their app for pre-ordering which has a “problem,” if you like, where you still have to wait in line for your order. This topic made an excellent point and asked a right question – Do any of these corporate apps really offer anything meaningful?

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