How to Match a Hat with your Outfit – 2024 Guide

Hats are stylish accessories that complement our looks. But not every hat matches your outfit. Picking the right one with the right outfit can complete the look. But to do that, you need to know how to match a hat with your outfit.

That’s why we’re here to tell you how to do that. This guide will help both men and women and explain how to wear hats properly.

Hat Matching Guide For Men

Let’s start with men’s hats first. Even though we’re not living in the 1920s where fedoras and panamas reigned supreme, hats can be an important accessory that helps complete any look. A different hat will offer guys something else entirely. Some are meant to be worn casually, while others are a fashion statement and versatile enough to be worn on any event.

So with all that said, here are the types of hats and what each one offers to guys.

1. Fedora

A fedora helps complete a casual look. While this particular hat has somewhat became a meme, it has the potential to be very classy. Not everyone can pull off a fedora look. A classic outfit consisting of a shirt and pants works best with a fedora. If you’re on vacation, you can absolutely rock trousers with a fedora.

A fedora has quite a rich history behind it. We all know it from gangster movies, and it is indeed a piece that time has taken a toll of over the years. But regardless, a person with a fedora can pull off a casual look with ease.

2. Bucket


A bucket hat was once the craze and a centerpiece of fashion. Even if the 90s are gone, the fashion accessories that emerged from the 90s are here to stay. One timeless accessory that makes its way in popular media is the bucket hat. A bucket hat looks exactly what it sounds like.

This particular hat is a must-wear festival piece. Even musicians still wear bucket hats when shooting music videos. So how do you match a bucket with your outfit? Right from the get to, a bucket will not work with a classy suit. The only way to pull off this look is by wearing tracksuits or casual outfits. Trousers, shirts, and tracksuits are all the sort of outfits to wear with a bucket.

The sole purpose of a bucket is to enhance a casual look. When wearing a bucket hat, a classic t-shirt works best to complete the look.

3. Flat Cap

A flat cap is a timeless fashion accessory that will never go out in style. Very few people can pull off a flat cap successfully. The difficulty of doing that means you need to put more emphasis on the outfit itself.

So what do you wear with a flat cap? A flat cap was the craze in the 90s, again. But instead of festival goers, the main demographic that wore flat caps were old-timers. Flat caps soared in popularity thanks to BBC’s award-winning television drama, Peaky Blinders. If you’ve seen the show, then you know how to pull off a flat cap.

For those of you that don’t, a flat cap works best with a suit. This can be any sort of suit, the more classier-looking, the better. One rule in regards of flat caps is to always match the fabric and color with your suit.

That concludes our short guide on how to match hats with outfits for guys. An important rule of rocking any accessory is to find where to shop from. Make sure to visit forbusite to shop for men’s and women’s hats.

Hat Matching Guide For Women

When it comes to women’s hats, the market is not only bigger, but also broader. There are so many variations to go for that you will end up feeling lost and confused. However, that’s where our guide comes into play. Here is how to match any hat with any outfit.

1. Cocktail Hat

This one is pretty straightforward. A cocktail hat only works for a cocktail dress and cocktail parties. That’s the only rule you need to follow. In any other situation, the outfit won’t work.

2. Beret Hat

A beret hat is one of the most versatile accessories a gal can have. Not only is a beret great for a casual look, but it is the most photogenic one. Berets are super popular for gals who study abroad. The look is matched with a short-sleeved sweater, a skirt, and casual teas. The only rule you need to follow when matching a beret with your outfit is the color. A beret has to match the color of the outfit or it will not work.

3. Fur Hat

More commonly known in some parts of the world as a Cossack, this particular hat hails from the snowy regions of Russia. It is quite popular in all parts of the world due to the luxury style it projects. As such, it is the accessory to wear in the winter. A fur hat not only looks gorgeous, but it also keeps you warm in the winter. When it comes to matching with an outfit, the Cossack is best worn on skiing trips.

Judging by that, the Cossack works best with a jacket, a fur coat, and boots.

4. Cloche

A cloche is a statement piece and one of the most stylish-looking hats a gal could own. The cloche, much like the flat cap, hails from a period long gone. But that doesn’t stop women from rocking a cloche.

The cloche does wonders for your look. Even if they’re not as popular nowadays, every gal should own at least one cloche hat in her wardrobe. With that said, a cloche projects a vintage look, so it’s best worn with long skirts, boots or heels, and long-sleeved sweaters.


Pulling off a look with a hat isn’t a difficult thing to do. But you do need to pay attention to certain rules. Our short guide explains what those rules are. We hope that this guide helps both men and women pull off the perfect look.