Matt Hardy Calls Out TNA For Holding Him Back

The only reason for TNA being relevant over the past couple of years was Matt Hardy and his broken gimmick. Broken Matt and Brother Nero were two guys that were just flat out carrying this company on their back. The only reason for TNA making the news today is still Matt Hardy and because of the fact that two sides can’t reach and agreement on that broken gimmick.

TNA doesn’t want to let bygones be bygones, and they are not allowing the broken character to appear on Monday Night Raw. There are reports that they are planning to trademark the word “broken” even though they are never going to use it again. There won’t be Broken Alberto El Patron or Broken Ethan Carter III. The only ones that can be broken in the world of professional wrestling are Jeff and Matt Hardy.

By doing the things that they are doing right now, TNA looks pathetic and petty. They just can’t handle the fact that they couldn’t afford two top level stars like the Hardy brothers and they can’t handle them leaving for the WWE to collect the money that these two guys rightfully deserve. You know that Matt Hardy also doesn’t like the fact that he can’t use something that he loves on the WWE TV.

He took to Twitter and called out the company by saying that they clearly do not care about their fans at all and the fans that want to see Broken Universe again. He is pissed that he can’t use his own creation in the WWE and nobody can really blame him.