Becky Lynch Turning Heel Soon?

After the superstar shakeup had happened, the Women’s division on Smackdown Live looks a bit different that it did before. The one major change that took place is Charlotte going to the blue brand. She was a top heel on Monday Night Raw and the top woman in the company for a long time. Now, on Smackdown Live, it seems that she is going to turn face soon and begin her run as a good girl.

The biggest match that the blue brand can do for the Summerslam when it comes to the Women’s division is Charlotte Flair going up against Becky Lynch. But, if Charlotte is going to be a babyface, isn’t it natural for Becky to turn heel soon in order for this match to happen?

There are rumors that she might be turning heel as well. Becky Lynch has shown some signs of maybe making a switch in the future, but the writers will have to do a great job of writing the story for her turn as she is generally a likable character. When you watch Lynch wrestling in the ring, you just can’t help yourself but cheer her and want her to do good. If she does turn, the company will have to explain that extremely well for everything to make sense. They haven’t done a great job in making sense in some of their storylines in the recent history, but hopefully, they will with this one.

When the Irish Lass Kicker was asked about being a heel, here is what she had to say.

“I’d like to be a heel. However there are still so many elements of my personality that have yet to come out – I’d like to do more comedy, for example, and show all the elements of Becky Lynch. Then maybe and attitude adjustment would be in order, but we’ll see how things pan out.”