MC Hammer Net Worth 2019 – hip hop legend


He is one of the most popular hip-hop artists in the USA. Apart from this, he is also known to be a dancer, producer and he is even an entrepreneur. We should also mention that he was one of the founders of the pop-rap. His achievements in hip-hop are huge and it is shown in the diamond status, he was the first one to get it.

Personal life


He was born on the 30th march in 1962 in CA, the USA as Stanley Kirk Burrel. His father was working in a casino as a manager and he also supervised warehouses. The mother was the one who took care of him and his eight brothers and sisters. We should also mention that he liked baseball and he also played it. However, his dream of becoming a player for the San Francisco Giants did not come true. He finished Oakland High School. We should also add that he decided to join the navy and he spent three years there. He had an honorable discharge. There is also one part of his life when he was arrested in 203 and the reason was: obstruction charges.

We need to add that at one point he had more than 200 employees.


source: 7×

He is one of the celebrities that have among the longest and most stable marriages on the scene. His wife’s name is Stephanie and they have been together for more than thirty years. They have got five children during their marriage.



As we have said, he started with music at a very early age. The first band he formed was doing Christian rap. During this time, he recorded with Keyshia Cola, who gave him the advice to start a career in music. He did not have any money and this is the reason why he borrowed some money so that he can create his own record label. He was doing a really good job and a little time passed before he had more than 100 employed people working for him.

His first album was in 1987 and it was called Feel My Power. The album was good and the selling of 60 thousand copies speaks about this. He continued to work hard, and he decided, and succeeded, to release a new album every year. The last song that he released was All In My Mind and it was released in 2013.



He did not only work in the field of music, but he also decided to pursue other ventures. This is the reason why he started some businesses in the field of the internet and modern technologies.

Net worth


He has earned a lot, but he has also spent a lot and this led him to bankruptcy that he declared since his debt was at about 13 million USD. This was the result of his luxurious lifestyle and investing too much money in his own videos. As of 2019, his net worth is 3 million USD.