Monitor the route maps of in-field Staff with TheOneSpy App

Multinational companies are the types of organizations that consist of hundreds of employees. It means employers have to face hectic situations to deal with employees within the organizations. Employers have to recruit plenty of executives to keep a check on their employees at least within the working hours within the premises of the company and outside as well.

Therefore, apart from the junior scale employees, employers need to make a check on their executives as well. Most of the time executives can step outside the company’s premises to deal with a client by getting heavy traveling allowances.

On the other hand, it is common among the executives having permission outside for business point of view they don’t bother to get the job done and they spend the whole time for personal activities.

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Therefore, employers, these days want to monitor the route maps of in–field’s staff. So, they can get the job done with TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software. Executives mostly hold the company’s cell phone and gadgets so employers can track these devices route maps within no time. Let’s get to know the procedure to do it.

How to track route maps of in –filed staff with TheOneSpy

You don’t need to have magic, all you need to have cell phone monitoring software installed on your in –filed staff company’s owned smartphones. So, when the shift got ended employers can install the phone spy software on the devices and get the job done within no time. So, the very first step that you need to perform is to get your hands on the best piece of technology in terms of mobile phone surveillance app that enables a user to track infield employee’s route maps.

Install TheOneSpy on employee’s digital devices to track route map


First and foremost end user needs to visit the web on the cell phone or the laptop desktop computer machine. Further, you need to subscribe for cell phone location tracking app. In response, you will receive an email that provides you login credentials. Once you have it then it does mean you are free to go, you need to have physical access on your employees’ devices owned by the company when they have ended up with a shift.

Moreover, get started with the process of installation, and finally, you have installed it successfully then you need to end up with the activation. Also, when you are just thinking about to deal with the process of activation, you will see a pop–up on the screen. This message will let you know how you can hide location tracking software on the target device. Now it is up to you either you want it or you just skip it. Moving step ahead, end up with the process of activation.

Furthermore, you need to use the login ID and password and you will be able to get access to the online control panel of TheOneSpy. Now you have completed all the steps and you are free to go and visit the web portal to find out the tool you needed the most. However, first of all, you need to tap on the sync settings button and further, you need to put all the tools at “ON” mode. Later you can use the following mentioned tool to monitor the route maps of your infield staff.

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Use GPS Location tracker app of TheOneSpy

Once you have got the access to the online control panel then you can visit the best tool of the cell phone surveillance application that is known as GPS location tracking software. Moreover, you just need to use it by taping on it when you really want to monitor route map of your infield staff within the working hours.

It will enable you to track a pinpoint location of your in –filed staff and further, it empowers you to track current location alongside location history. The end user can get easily get to know about weekly location history and on a regular basis on the route map within no time.


TheOneSpy cell phone tracking software is one of its kinds on the web that can completely monitor target mobile phone activities and also track in – field route maps of employees within no time.