McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) Fights Potato Shortage in Japan by Airlifting Most Of It

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) reported today that it is now back in a position to offer its customers medium and large sized fries in Japan.

French Fries Shortage

As highlighted in an article by Businessinsider, the company announced that it sought the help of airlift to address the issue of French fries shortage in Japan. In over more than 3000 of its restaurant chains in the country, McDonald’s was experiencing a shortage of French fries. The restaurants limited themselves to only small-sized of the crispy treat for its customers. However, the company has managed to fight the issue and said that it would be able to resume the sale of large sized treats from January 5, 2015.

In its Japanese restaurant chains, McDonald’s has restricted its customers to only small-sized French fries for almost three weeks. However, the issue has been resolved by airlifting French Fries in the country. However, this is only a temporary solution.

The company’s Japanese arm said that it is looking into the matter and is constantly monitoring the situation. In a statement, it also ensured that the company will strive to maintain a consistent supply of all potato products.

Import Delays

The issue concerned was due to import delays that are a result of the conflicts regarding export of fries in the US West Coast. The matter extends to other potato products also to some extent, McDonald’s Japanese arm said. Dockworkers in the U.S. have been uncooperative and are reportedly going slow in exporting to Japan. For several months now, the US dockworkers have been providing only limited crew in operations. The workers are in a conflict with employers and are seeking a greater control in bargaining powers in labor negotiations.

McDonald’s reported having airlifted over 1000 tonnes of potatoes and an additional 1,600 tonnes via the sea route from the East Coast of the U.S. this month.