Media Attention Is Something Cowboys Know How To Get

As Jerry Jones stated just a couple of weeks ago, this quarterback problem that his team has is a beautiful problem to have. Some teams have struggled for years to find their franchise QB. Just look at Dallas’ Week 9 opponent, and you will see the prime example of that.

Browns can’t find the solution at QB position, while Dallas Cowboys have two-Pro-Bowl-caliber signal callers on their roster and the media isn’t going to stop talking about them anytime soon. Prescott and Romo-saga is the most talked about thing in the whole NFL. And the Cowboys love it, especially their owner, Jerry Jones.

Jones is known for being one of the greatest promoters of his team. Whatever will get the attention of the media, Jerry Jones is going to do it. He will milk this situation as long as he can. Tony Romo will be cleared at the latest possible point while Jones will announce who’s the starter on game day.

This is how the Cowboys have operated in the past. There is no reason for anyone to believe that Jones won’t make the most out of this media attention. He loves it and is going to attract as much attention as he can. This is just typical Dallas Cowboys stuff, but we don’t mind as it is a very interesting topic for us also.