Meet The UberLyft of Charter Bus Rentals

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If you’ve ever planned a music festival trip with your friends, you know how hard it can be to manage everything. Having 5 cars co-ordinated through long drives and then managing to park can be a hassle.

When Wolf and his buddy were organizing music tours, they figured that this thing could be streamlined. This is where was conceptualized.
And now, is disrupting the bus industry. Owing to the ease of chartering buses offered by the website can make the whole process streamlined, making every one of your group retreats easy and accessible.

1. How did it start?

Wolf and Kyle were helping out a friend when they met. As they talked about the festivals they attended they found that they had left something out of these trips. Wolf was used to organizing bus trips professionally, and Kyle was a developer. The idea was to build upon their expertise and capitalize on the idea to create a service that allowed people from the festivals to commute easily.

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The bus industry creates about 4 billion dollars each year, and yet, it lacked a central space for booking. derived out of that niche, and what was share the bus at first, became something large over time. Now, catering to many landmark cities worldwide, the ball has been set rolling and Kyle and Wolf don’t seem to stop. Not only did they create an Uber-like service where you could charter buses. Most bus companies specially san antonio charter bus rental have buses available and there’s almost always demand group retreat vehicles, and their company is bridging this gap using a smart GUI that everyone can use. Sharethebus to hasn’t been a short trip but, it has been a rewarding one.

2. Getting the money

Sharethebus was a novel idea, and of course, it attracted the attention of people all around. Soon Kyle and Wolfe were being bombarded with bookings. The idea was simple, taking all the local bus companies which worked without much organization and creating an easy way for people to interact with them. In 5 years, the small company starting for Quebec became a phenomenon and people started noticing.

The financing world was hit by the “bus” storm when BMW invested in this project. Sharethebus was and was instantly recognizable to anyone who was looking to book a bus for a trip. However, what makes the model work so, efficiently in the organization and the easy way it’s maintained. Taking the inventory of the buses from local companies and making the buses available to the public for their needs is an easy idea, but, it has merit for anyone who has struggled to organize trips to festivals and others. has had many music festivals requesting for their services too, making sure that the original mission has been fulfilled too.

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3. All kinds of buses capitalized on the idea of getting chartered buses to people. However, the act of genius was in making all kinds of buses available. DIfferent bus companies cater to different people, and if you’re organizing a trip for the first time, the choices could be quite difficult. So, offers you selections on the basis of where you are and what you want to do.

It sounds simple, and the deviously simple idea is what makes work overall. Whether you’re planning a marketing trip and need professional buses, or just planning a weekend away with your friends and want to get the cheapest quotes from all around, satisfies all your needs and more. With online wizards offering everything from quotations to GPS tracking, the bus industry is seeing an overwhelming change. And the revolution is being led by one company at its helm.