Dos and don’ts of Meeting Strangers Online

You can meet people from different corners of the world online. So this can be a really exciting experience, but only if you are careful enough. If you do some things wrong, you can have a pretty bad experience.

Dating sites have made it much easier for us to meet new people and many of them have found long-term relationships. However, networking can also be dangerous if you don’t know how to protect yourself. In order not to take risks, learn what you should and should not do.

This is an opportunity to find people who have similar interests, so read a few rules that will help you avoid disappointments and have a great time.

1. Follow your instinct

During online dating, follow your gut. If certain things tell you that something is not right, it is probably true. People generally have a bad feeling when they notice some ambiguities. Maybe something is unclear about the past of the person you are chatting with, his family, place of residence or something else. Since the internet is also a place where suspicious people are very happy to come, you have to be ready for something like that. So don’t take risks when it comes to instinct, because you can lose a lot.

2. Talk to someone

For example, if you notice that you have been corresponding with a certain person for some time, report it to your best friend, or a family member. We are sure that there are people who want to keep their privacy, but this is not a situation in which you should think like that.

It is this attitude that can get you into trouble. So always tell someone close to you to see. You do not have to reveal details from your relationship, but it is important that the person close to you knows the place, time and date of the meeting.

3. Choose a public meeting place


When talking about a date, it is important to think of an ideal meeting place. We believe that you would like it to be a romantic place where you will be alone with your internet date, but save this idea for your next meeting. At the first meeting, you go to meet the person behind the profile you are corresponding with and be clear about it. When you make sure that this is the person who introduced himself to you all the time, you can realize all the romantic ideas you have planned.

For example, opt for a public place such as a central café or local bars. These are not only places that are safe but are also very comfortable to hang out and offer a lot of fun. Why is it good to be surrounded by people? Because those are very small chances of something going wrong. However, if you notice that the person you are meeting does not like this, cancel the meeting. Think of this as some alarm bells ringing.

4. Save your money

This refers to situations in which a person with the Internet asks you for money. No matter how long you correspond, do not give anyone your bank details or a large amount of money. Our advice is to cut off contact with that person, because today there are a lot of fake activities on the Internet that are related to money. Unfortunately, this type of cheater can be very persistent and persistent in their idea of ​​cheating on you.

So, it can take months of correspondence before he asks you for money. Don’t fall for scams like this, but always give priority to secure sites that have a good reputation. Also stay away from people like this and always keep your bank and account information. These are your private things that should not interest people you have just met and never seen live. After all, you shouldn’t forget that you are using ChatSpin or similar random video chat apps, so you can literally run across all type of people.

5. Don’t go to a meeting right away

If the other party insists that the live meeting be held as soon as possible, take this as a warning. First of all, a person who doesn’t know you well enough shouldn’t need to see you so quickly unless they want something from you. If she really just wants to meet you, she should be patient enough for you to agree on a date.

Of course, it happens that you really like someone. In that situation, you will want a meeting yourself, but do not rush. Sometimes feelings can cloud your judgment, so take some time to get to know a person’s interests and hobbies better. Get to know their feelings and we are sure you will be even more ready for the meeting.

6. Do not drink alcohol

Too much alcohol can also cloud your judgment or encourage you to make some bad decisions. We believe that the first meeting can be very stressful. We are all a little nervous when we need to meet someone, but don’t use alcohol as an aid. It is enough to drink one or two drinks, but anything beyond that can only make you vulnerable. Then you are more likely to be exploited and an easy target for scammers.

7. Don’t fall for sad stories

Sad stories are another thing that internet scammers use to gain your trust and compassion. However, do not fall into these traps. Some of them are very easy to recognize at the very beginning, but many of them have very serious manipulative techniques that can deceive you. If you hear a story like this, always think a little about it. In case you notice anything suspicious, talk to friends and family to confirm your doubts or eliminate them. We are sure that they will help you see much more and stay safe.


Online dating is something you should definitely try if you haven’t by now. As long as you follow our instructions and keep your personal information, you will remain safe. This means that you will be able to have fun freely and gain a great experience.