Mercedes revealed its 2018 AMG E63 with 603 HP!

Finally, Mercedes graced us with the official reveal of its latest wonder machine the 2018 AMG E63! German car maker started describing its new feat with these words “The Mercedes-AMG E63 Sedan and E63 S Sedan are the most powerful E-Class variants of all time”. This is only half of the story, the other half is that the new AMG E63 is the most luxurious, technologically advanced uber-sedan ever created and it comes with a whole bunch of cool features that will make your head spin.

The driving force of this magnificent vehicle is Mercedes’s 4.0 L V8 engine, and it comes attached with a pair of turbochargers that both use twin-scroll technology which is supposed to improve performance and reduce turbo lag. The standard E63 has “only” 563 HP and 553 lb-ft of torque, and with the 4Matic all-wheel drive, it can zoom from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds, which is amazing. But wait! That is not all, its stronger brother the E63 S has eye-popping 603 HP and 627 lb-ft, and it will jump to 60 MPH a fraction of a second sooner – 3.3 seconds, and is capable of developing a top speed of 186 MPH. The beast of an engine is paired with a nine-speed AMG Speedshift dual-clutch transmission.

Now if you wonder about a fuel economy, (not that an owner of such car should ever do) it is aided by a system that is deactivating cylinders according to the gas pedal input (it shuts off cylinders two, three, five, and eight). What is somewhat peculiar is that the Mercedes still hasn’t released the official EPA numbers, why, nobody knows. But to put this aside, German car maker packed its new rocket with a neat little trick called Drift Mode, thanks to which the AMG Performance 4Matic+ all-wheel-drive system uses fully variable torque distribution at the front and rear axles, and delivers a full 100 percent of the car’s thrust to the rear wheels. Sounds like a lot of fun, 600 hp drift rocket.

When you activate the Race drive setting on the E63 S, put it in manual transmission mode and deactivate the ESP, it turns into an RWD car and stays like that until you deactivate it. This only means one thing – a massive amount of videos with this beast drifting around corners and burning rubber in the near future.

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When you take a look at the exterior design, you can see handsome lines, a serious exhaust setup at the back and wheel arches that are slightly wider than what we get on the standard car. Inside it retained the class that was offered in the previous E-Classes but now with high-grade materials, top of the line technology that is available in the luxury segment and incredible design cues.

Thanks to its official debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November we will be able to provide you with more info and specs, but until then be aware that it is going to be available for sale early next year with US market launch designated for summer 2017.