Seattle Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints – Week 8 Picks And Predictions

This is a very tricky matchup to pick. Even though the Seattle Seahawks are a much better all-around team, Saints do have one of the best offenses in the game, and they are great at their Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Drew Brees can beat anyone on any given Sunday so it will be interesting to see how he plays against one of the best defenses in the whole NFL.

Russell Wilson is playing with a slight injury problem, and it shows. He is not able to move in the pocket like he used to do and that is limiting his impact on games. Luckily, this round he’ll get to chance to play against woeful Saints defense that is one of the worst that you ever saw on the NFL fields.

It’s a shame that New Orleans is wasting what is left of Brees’ prime years with that kind of defense. He is leading NFL’s second-ranked offense, and it seems that he can make it work with whatever weapons are given to him, just amazing.

He is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. But again, it will be a true miracle if he can somehow lead this team to victory on Sunday.

Even tough we are tempted to pick Saints in an upset, we just can’t do it. Seahawks will win this duel with their defense. Brees will still get his, but he’ll also make some mistakes. In the end, Seattle will be victorious with the scoreboard showing 27:24 result.