Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots – Preview And Predictions

After dominating the AFC East division for over a decade, the Patriots found themselves in trouble after learning that Brady won’t be at Quarterback for the first four games. But, after Week 1, we are seeing the same thing that we have seen for over ten years. New England is at the top of the division.

Dolphins have had a solid defensive performance in Week 1 in Seattle. Yes, Wilson was hurt, but Miami still held them at just 12 points. They need to do the same thing this week if they hope to pull out an upset in New England. Tannehill and his offense won’t give them much to work with. It’s on Miami’s defense to stop Garoppolo and Bill Belichick.

Great performance against contending squad like Arizona is, should be a huge boost to Garoppolo’s and Pats fans confidence. He showed that he can run the offense with some success while Tom Brady is off the field. He will be facing another really good defense, but he has the skill and weapons to handle it.

Gronkowski is still a question mark for this game. If he is unable to go, it’s going to be just a tad bit harder for Pats to win in Foxboro, but they are the favorites nonetheless. Garoppolo should outplay Tannehill, and the Patriots should win this game at home. It won’t be a high scoring game, but they will pull off a 23:17 win in front of their home crowd.

Miami has a shot to do it if Gronk is out, but Patriots are the team that has everything in their hands, and legs.