Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos – Preview And Predictions

It’s really weird seeing this matchup with no Payton Manning on the field. Colts and the Broncos are two totally different football teams, and that’s what makes it interesting. This will be a real clash of styles and duel of different approaches to the game.

Indianapolis Colts have suffered a loss in their first game against the Lions, and they need to bounce back. They just can’t let the Texans take on the division and possibly be up two games over them. But, it’s the same thing for the Colts this season like it’s been in the past years. They have a superstar quarterback like always but, after that, there is a huge dropoff. Their defense is not able to guard a chair, let alone something that actually moves. Again, the Colts are a laughing stock of the NFL when it comes to defense.

Broncos are of course the team that prides itself on defense; that’s how they won games and the Super Bowl last season, that how they won in Week 1 and that how they are going to win this season. Trevor Siemian showed some flashes in an opener so Denver’s offense should be able to score on Indy since their D is putrid.

While Luck should and probably will outplay Siemian, Denver’s defense will make sure to stop the running game of Colts, if they even have one. Luck will throw for around 300 yards, a couple of TDs but also with a few picks. At the end, it shouldn’t be enough to beat this Denver squad. Broncos win 24:17 is what we see here.