Volkswagen makes bold claims about their next electric car

Volkswagen has revealed some interesting information accompanied with some pictures. With plans to unveil a new electric car in the near future at the Paris Motor Show later this month, the company released some eye-catching images of the car.

The company also made some bold claims noting that the new car was the brands entry into the new era and also saying that the car was the new ambassador to the automotive world and was a one of a kind car. The images released do not reveal much beyond the LED headlights but they remind car enthusiasts and oldies of the 60s and 70s era Lite Brite toy.

The concept car which the company is going to release is intended as a way to give the investors and the car consumers a look at how the company will be venturing into the electric car market. The car is a clear and intricate signal of what Volkswagen is planning when it comes to the portfolio of the electric cars. VW is at the moment calling the car a design study, which in a way means that they will include some heavy flashy innovations in the future and they will probably make it in the final product.

The new car which will follow the hatchback concept will be the first car by Volkswagen which would be able to reach the market based solely on the modular design for the electric cars which was released late last year. The concept could also be used for some of the VW model cars. Some of the first cars which were designed based on the Modular Electric Mode are also expected to be in production by at least the end of 2019.

In a technical way the company has already released an electric vehicle concept. Back in January, Volkswagen released a BUDD.e which was a microbus concept which was meant to show the world that the company was more than serious about the concept of electric vehicles. The company has been trying to clean up its image after the diesel emissions cheating scandal which have really put the German based company to restructure and think of its ways.

Six months back when the company was involved in the dealings, they made some substantial moves which were adopted to help the company restructure the core automotive business for the company. Now they are focusing more on the electric cars concept and the autonomous driving technology.

The company plans to increase their profits from last year by up to 7 to 8 percent up from the 6 percent of last year. They also plan to possibly sell some of the assets. Their plans include having to introduce at least 30 all electric vehicles in 10 years time having a goal to sell two or three million of the. EVs in 2025.

Volkswagen is also expected to help in the development of battery technology so that they can take advantage of the rapid gains of the market volume and the market for the electric cars.