Miami Dolphins vs. San Diego Chargers – Week 10 Picks And Predictions

Miami Dolphins are a respectable team right now. They have turned the corner and are moving in the right direction. Even with huge u-turn it probably won’t be enough to make the Playoffs this year, but they are improving. The postseason is still a possibility, but this squad needs to keep playing at a high level if they want to fulfill their dream.

Chargers have let some games slip through their fingers. That’s why they are not in the hunt for Playoff spot. But, one more reason for them not really being a postseason contender is the fact that other teams in their division are on fire this season. All of those squads in the AFC West is what is going to cost the Chargers.

Tannehill is still not a great solution for the Dolphins. The one thing that can come out of this resurgence of the Miami Dolphins is that they might think that he is the real deal and their go-to guy for seasons to come. But, he is not, and he’s proven that on multiple occasions in more than just one year.

Philip Rivers is still one of the best signal-callers in the NFL. Whether he has all of his weapons or if all of them are injured. It just doesn’t matter with Rivers. He is not slipping up. He takes a lot of risks, sometimes it backfires, but a lot of times it’s a calculated risk. He will have a great day against the Fins on Sunday.

We still don’t trust Ryan Tannehill, and this means that we don’t trust Miami. They are better, they have improved, but still not good enough. At least not this round. Rivers will outplay Miami’s quarterback, and Chargers will have a great day. They will allow some points to be put up, but they will score a lot as well. The final score will be 33:27 in favor of the Chargers.