Russian SUV For Donald Trump

Edvard Orlov, the founder of the tuning company “Devolro,” has promised that he will give one luxury and heavily tuned SUVs “Diablo,” a product of his firm, to Donald Trump in case that he becomes 45th president of the US. We will not go into the debate if Trump will win this one or not, but we certainly do know that we would like one of these monsters on our driveway.

The owner of the “Devolro” came to America when he was ten years old and currently is one of the best tuners in the business. The announcement that we could hear is a nice marketing move as he will certainly attract a lot of attention if Trump wins and he goes through with his promise, and we are certain that he would do it gladly.

Starting price for “Diablo” model starts from incredible $199,000, and it is based on Toyota Tundra. Even on the images, you can notice that there are many upgrades and changes from the original Tundra. Among those is the 5.7-liter V8 engine that is capable of producing 530 hp and it can be pushed all the way up to 600 hp.

There is no doubt that this is one of the vehicles that would be on our list in case that apocalypse comes. For it to be so powerful and off-road capable, Devolro upgraded both body and chassis. Furthermore, with additional seven inches of clearance, you can be sure that it will run over any obstacle. Power is transferred to all four wheels while the fuel tank of 45.7 gallons or 173 liters is more than enough for you to cover decent mileage.

As we mentioned before, Orlov came to the US as a ten-year-old kid, and later he decided to become a truck driver. That job was soon replaced with something far more interesting, and that is the tuning of these beasts. The base of operations for this Russian is in Miami, but he has offices in Ukraine, UAE, Germany, Mongolia, and of course Russia.

At this moment there are seven different models in the Devolro lineup and all of those are based on the Toyota Tundra. Top of the line version, the Interceptor is priced at $259,000 so if you want one of these you better have the deep pocket, not to mention fuel consumption, which certainly is another scary thing about this beast.